Website Business Models that Work

12 Online Business Models that Successful Publishers are Using to Distribute Content and Make Money Online

Mequoda Summit “Website Business Models that Work” Session Review:

Like all other mass media that came before them, websites are an evolving set of archetypes that represent the similar information architecture that can best meet similar user needs.

Mequoda uses the term “archetype” to understand and categorize kinds of sites. After analyzing more than 2,000 media websites, we have identified 12 unique archetypes. For some of the archetypes, we’ ve also identified sub-archetypes that represent significant variations in information architecture on the primary theme.

Each of the 12 Mequoda website archetypes derives from an analysis that asks these two questions:

  1. Who supports the access to content: audience or sponsors?
  2. What does the user seek: content or commerce?

Each archetype, therefore, supports a particular revenue model—userdriven or sponsor driven. If the archetype and the revenue model are not in sync, success will be limited.

  1. Internet Hub
  2. Social Network
  3. Online Magazine
  4. Search Engine
  5. Directory Website
  6. Lead Generation Website
  7. Classified Website
  8. Catalog Website
  9. Book Website
  10. Event Website
  11. Membership Website
  12. Newsletter Website

It’s the dawn of a new age in publishing, and we must redefine ourselves as media professionals. Instead of publishing a single magazine or newsletter, we need to offer users information and entertainment on a variety of platforms using a variety of business models and marketing channels.

Choosing the right business model and supporting infrastructure for any business is a key strategy for business success. Building the right infrastructure supports higher revenue, lower operating costs and happier customers.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to identify the twelve website archetypes.
  • How to identify the right archetype for your business, to ensure higher revenue, lower operating costs and happier customers.
  • How to drive targeted website traffic to your site with an Internet hub
  • How to encourage users to interact with your media brand.
  • How to use personalized content to enhance user satisfaction and increase page views and time spent.
  • How to develop trusted relationships.
  • How to make money with your publication in ways you either never imagined or don’t know how to execute.
  • How to double your online revenues every 12 months using the Mequoda Marketing System.
  • How the archetypes were derived from a two dimensional grid that asks two simple questions.



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