Digital Publishers Partner for Greater Audience Access

Digital publishers Vogue and Vice Media partner on content initiative; Epicurious and Alexa team up to offer cooking tips; Medium allows publishers to put up a paywall

Opportunities for digital publishers develop through new technology and partnerships, even some that appear to be unlikely candidates for a cooperative venture. Today we’re looking at some unique partnerships being offered by digital publishers.

Our first story visits the new, unlikely partnership between Vogue and Vice Media as the two team up on an editorial project. WWD reports, “The partnership, which will run 100 days, will feature a new web site and exists across the brands’ various platforms.”

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The article continues with a look at what the partnership will entail. “Content will be produced by a team of Vogue and Vice editors and will include a mix of videos, photographs, long-form storytelling and more. The project, which is tentatively titled Project Vs, will launch in early 2018. Condé Nast, Vogue’s parent company, will lead the advertising process for the collaboration with Vogue chief business officer Susan Plagemann overseeing efforts in coordination with the Vice team.”

Our next story looks at a digital publisher teaming up with Alexa, a global provider of analytics. Folio: reports, “With its latest brand extension, Epicurious wants to go where — outside of mobile apps and ink and paper — few have ventured before: the kitchen.”

“With a simple download on the Alexa smartphone companion app, users of Amazon’s personal assistant can access cooking and preparation tips curated by the teams at Condé Nast’s Food Innovation Group and its Co/Lab digital partnerships group on nearly 50 commonly used food items.”

The article continues with details on the goals and process for Epicurious. “Eric Gillin, digital GM of the Food Innovation Group, says the launch is all a part of Epicurious’ mission to be the home cook’s ultimate resource.”

“In terms of getting home cooks to actually begin using the new skill, Gillin says Epicurious will be promoting it in its newsletters and social channels, as well as around existing editorial content that covers Alexa-enabled devices to use in the kitchen. But a major benefit, he says, is expanding the brand to appeal to new readers and audiences, and that expanding to new devices — Epicurious was, after all, among the first cooking sites to launch an iPhone app — has always been in the brand’s DNA.”

Our final story is for digital publishers who utilize Medium, as the company rolls out a subscription program. Nieman Lab reports, “In August, Medium started letting a select group of users — mainly people who’d frequently published content on Medium in the past — put their content behind a paywall. Around the same time, it rolled out a $5/month subscription program that would give paying members access to this paywalled content. Writers are based on engagement, and in the first couple of months of the program, some have reported what seems like surprisingly easy money — making a couple hundred dollars, for instance, on posts that they’d written a long time ago and decided to paywall.”

“Starting today, we’ll see what the pay is like when anybody can paywall a Medium post. Medium announced on Tuesday that its program for writers is now open to everyone.”

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