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Tag: audience development

Audience development incorporates actions required to attract, engage, and maintain an online audience. The goal of audience development is to create mutually beneficial relationships - users get content they seek and the business sustains itself.

Characteristics of Top Performing Content

Discover content tendencies found in our top performing article posts

Do you know what your top performing articles are?

If not, and you have an analytics program, you can easily figure out which article posts receive the most traffic. After discovering this information, you can analyze the content to determine similar characteristics top articles share. Additionally, you will understand the topics your audience values the most. Creating more content on these topics will further help satisfy your audience.

The #1 Quickest Way to Fail at Audience Development

Want to drive customers, subscribers and readers away? Follow these examples!

Sometimes you want to drop a love bomb on someone.

For me, this was recently a restaurant I discovered in Boston’s North end called Davide. About a month or so ago, I’d tuned into Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and saw Davide go through the gut-wrenching transformation that all of the restaurants on that show go through.

Most importantly, the cook and co-owner Frank, was burned out. By the end of the episode, Frank had started rocking out new recipes and got his spark back. The food was delicious.

Audience Development Tips from a Publisher with a Massive Audience

Carl Kravetz, Publisher of, will share his audience development insight during Building Online Partnerships

Publishing health-related content to the Hispanic community was the goal Carl Kravetz, Publisher of Vida y Salud, and his wife and business partner Dra. Aliza Lifshitz strove for while launching

Fortunately for them, Google really loves great content and rewards publishers for it.

5 Tips for Using Google as an Audience Development Partner

Insight from SES that will help your audience development efforts

Online publishers have an advantage that print publishers never had.

This advantage is Google, which affords many opportunities for publishers to build their audience with the help of its search engine and analytic tools.

4 Tools for Discovering Your Backlinks from SES New York

Jim Boykin, CEO and Founder of We Build Pages shares Internet marketing and audience development tools

Backlinks help to build credibility for your website.

As it’s been said many times before, content is king. If your content is truly king within your market, then your articles will likely receive backlinks from a number of different sources.

Building Online Partnerships

Order this new, 90-minute webinar and discover how to Achieve Success with Minimal Internal Risk.

Week in Review: March 14th, 2011 – March 18th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Use for Twitter Audience Development

If your Audience Development strategy includes finding new followers on Twitter, try out this new tool

Over the past month, word on the tweet street has been that Twitter wants to shut down third-party apps; the apps that are created and monitored by the Twitter community. It was sounding like a monopoly for a while there.

The reality is that Twitter is simply holding third-party developers to new guidelines. If the app doesn’t follow these guidelines, then it’s shut off. ”We need to ensure that tweets, and tweet actions, are rendered in a consistent way so that people have the same experience with tweets no matter where they are,” Twitter’s Ryan Sarver noted in a Google Groups post.

With that said, we’re going to see the demise of many of the we use on a regular basis, surely but slowly.

Build a Bigger Audience with White Hat SEO Campaign Management

Learn white hat SEO strategies for ranking higher in search engines during our SEO Campaign Management session at the Summit

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, I talked about a rare chance to see inside one of the most successful SEO campaign management operations on the planet that includes hard data, which has now been gathered over a two and a half year period.

When it comes to SEO campaign management, theory is great but skill-building activities are priceless.

Online News Reaches a Milestone by Topping Print

More people have reported getting news from the web than newspapers

Unprecedented growth has been experienced online.

According to the State of the News Media, a report from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, 46% of Americans reported getting news online at least three times each week while only 40% reported getting news from newspapers and their accompanying websites.

The Integration of Social Media Marketing

How the Social Media Marketing Workshop at the Mequoda Summit West 2011 goes beyond typical social media courses

Recently I taught in London at FIPP’s Digital Publishing Course. Towards the end of the week-long course someone said to me, “I didn’t see social media in the curriculum for this course.”

After hearing that statement, Kim and I looked at each other. If we said Twitter once, we said it 20 times over the last four days.

3 Ways to Strengthen User Relationships with Content Marketing

Content marketing is designed to create stronger relationships, but only if you’re doing it correctly

Content marketing is the most successful method for creating a devout online audience.

That is my honest opinion and I stick by it.

The 3 Best Ways to Get a Job as an Online Editor

Some job responsibilities are “non-negotiable”, especially when it comes to audience development

The job of modern online editors is constantly evolving.

Today, companies are focusing on metrics to inform editors on how their content is working from a business standpoint. Some of these companies are even incentivizing editors with bonuses if they reach specific editorial goals.

Resources From the Mequoda SEO Workshop

A look at our half-day intensive on SEO at the Mequoda Summit West 2011

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, I discussed persuasive online copywriting.

The skills associated with SEO copywriting will be taught at length during our half-day Mequoda SEO Workshop at the Mequoda Summit West 2011.

Start the Presses! ‘Access’ Acquires Red 7 Media

Access Intelligence Acquires Red 7 Media

The WOW factor shot across the industry yesterday when it was announced that Access Intelligence, a B-to-B media company and SIPA member in Rockville, Md., acquired Red 7 Media, owner of the Folio, Audience Development and Event Marketer brands, among other event and media holdings. In January, AI (specifically its Dorland Health division) acquired OR Manager, a media brand and event company serving operating room executives, managers and doctors, so 2011 certainly means business for them.

“Bringing AI and Red 7’s media properties together will allow us to go deeper into the community of media professionals,” Diane Schwartz, AI SVP and group publisher, wrote to us in an email. “We serve our audiences in much the same ways—events, online, print, etc. It’s our goal to increase our engagement with our audiences—and events are a great way to take the dialogue online to in-person. And vice versa, as our events help build out our online communities.”

Content Marketing Made Simple

Order this new, 90-minute webinar, co-sponsored by Mequoda and SIPA, and discover content marketing in the simplest, most time-efficient way possible.

3 Lessons They Didn’t Teach You in Blogging School

Online publishing tips for forward-thinking editors and marketers

It’s 2011 and most colleges are only beginning to teach their marketing students social media. If you’re an editor who went to school for journalism, you’d still have a hard time finding any type of curriculum that combines the editorial and marketing skills it takes to be an online editor these days.

Luckily, our friends in the field are being tossed to this conference and that conference trying to update older editors in order to keep them updated with the newest trends and techniques. Still, some editors use their own time to learn SEO, social media and other online marketing techniques simply to stay ahead and make themselves invaluable to the companies they’re at.

Gawker Gets It Wrong

A look at service journalism in the 21st century

It’s apparent our colleagues at Gawker do not understand what team-based service journalism is really all about.

Before I go on, let me share the events that have led me to write this.

Blog Like an Egyptian

Your website is down… do you take a vacation or get a jump start on editorial management?

Protests in Egypt have caused the Egyptian Government to shut down all communications as of last Thursday. In an effort to keep people disconnected from one another in order to keep protesting at a minimum, they’ve literally done everything they can to make sure people have no internet or mobile access to one another.

It started with blockades against Twitter and Facebook and has since made everything go black. People from outside of Egypt can’t even access any .eg websites.

So imagine you’re in Egypt. You’re the Egyptian version of Brian Clark of Copyblogger, or the Kathleen Cubley of Knitting Daily. Your website has been shut off and you have no idea when its coming back.

LinkedIn or Facebook for B2B Companies?

Increasing website traffic by wasting less time on social networks that aren’t right for your business model

LinkedIn Groups are essential to any B2B social audience development strategy. While the B2C companies are yelling “Facebook!” from the rooftops, B2B companies would be more wise to head in their own business-oriented direction.

This isn’t to say the B2B companies can’t garner a following on Facebook. However, here are the common problems with the results that B2B companies see from Facebook:

5 Ways to Leverage Content to Build a Bigger Audience

How Guideposts has built website traffic, increased brand recognition and revenue by leveraging existing content

Online publishers have the valuable opportunity to leverage existing content to build website traffic and brand recognition while realizing new revenue streams.

Leveraging digital content through multiple channels is an effective way of spreading great content throughout the Internet.

Overlooked Ways of Promoting Your Freemiums During an SEO Campaign

Experience SEO Campaign Management 2011 live today and learn how to create, execute and track campaign results

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, we discussed five main ways to promote your freemiums.

Following the tips we outlined will help you increase website traffic and build your email marketing lists – two actions necessary for online business growth.

Writing and Designing the Rapid Conversion Landing Page for SEO Campaign Management

Website components for more conversions

Online publishers have a challenging job nowadays.

Many Internet users have a belief that the web is synonymous with free content. This is an initial thought at least, as many who experience free content are often persuaded to pay for additional, aligned content.

A Fundamental Component of SEO Campaign Management

The Keyword Universe as a focal point for SEO campaign management

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday we briefly discussed the value of having a Keyword Universe.

If you had time to read the article, you would have been left with five methods for growing your Keyword Universe.

These methods were prefaced by the notion that hundreds of secondary keyword phrases could amount to a lot of valuable traffic from core audience members, even if the secondary phrases have small amounts of annual traffic by themselves.

Understanding SEO Campaign Management

Elect SEO campaign management in 2011 as your main strategy for organic search engine listings

Optimizing content for search engines has become an everyday practice for online publishers and content marketers.

SEO campaign management helps websites target their audiences with valuable content instead of obtrusive advertisements.

The strategy of SEO campaign management, when executed properly, helps increase visibility, email conversions and overall revenue through an array of activities.

Seven Principles of Content Marketing in the Digital Age — Part 6

Redefine working relationships for the benefit of all stakeholders.

In a Mequoda System, a publishing company’s owners, managers, and employees all share information, authority and responsibility in a symbiotic relationship that creates value for everyone. Even subscribers play a role by responding to editorial initiatives and contributing content.

We didn’t dream up this idea, we discovered and modeled it.

SEO Campaign Management 2011

Order this new, 90-minute webinar, co-sponsored by Mequoda and SIPA, and discover how to increase visibility, email conversions and revenue with search engine optimized content.

How to Use Twitter to Repurpose Content and Increase Website Traffic

Five easy audience development steps to increasing website traffic by repurposing old articles on Twitter

You have lots of awesome content on your blog. Some of that awesome content hasn’t been seen by people in a long time. This is especially true if you’re not all too keen on SEO like many print publishers that tend to simply dump old print articles on their blog without optimizing them. But there’s hope!

We’re all publishers here. This should not be a problem for us. We create content in our sleep! These archives of content that we have in our blog can easily turn us into champions of both Twitter and of repurposing content. In other words, we have a serious advantage over the rest of the Internet.

Here’s a simple run down of how to leverage your Twitter followers to increase website traffic.

SEO Campaign Management: Who Does What and How?

The goal of SEO Campaign Management is to increase visibility, which will increase email conversions and lead to increases in revenue!

If you’re a content creator and produce editorial content that you want Google to find and index, SEO Campaign Management is the single most important skill for making money online, whether you publish a blog, books, magazines, newsletters, or any other digital information media.

SEO Campaign Management is a continuous process that requires painstaking research and accurate metrics to meet the demands of the ever-changing Google search algorithm.

Interweave Seeks Director of Online Affinity Content

Mequoda Group’s leading Gold Member is breaking new ground again

With nine mature communities, and the desire to add a minimum of three to four new online communities within the next year, Interweave is looking to fill a new position.

To learn more about this position, I spoke with Bob Kaslik, the Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing for Interweave.

SEO Copywriting Tips for Thinking Like Your Customers

You’ll find better keywords for your SEO copywriting campaigns once you start thinking like your customers

Over 500 changes will be made to Google’s search engine this year. As the algorithm that dictates the search results constantly changes, we will continue to monitor these changes and share our knowledge with you.

If you’re an SEO copywriter, online editor, audience development manager, or have any responsibility for Internet copy, you know that the competition in the online publishing world is increasing daily.

Rapid Conversion Landing Page Optimization

How to select the topic and keywords to create an effective Rapid Conversion Landing Page

The first step to creating an effective Rapid Conversion Landing Page is choosing the topic. Selecting the topic begins with keyword analysis. This precedes copywriting and requires a different skill set.

Begin by talking with your publisher, audience development manager, keyword analyst or consultant — anyone who is familiar with your publication’s keyword universe.

In preparation for writing the RCLP, open your Google Visibility Report and determine your target keyword phrases. The Google Visibility Report (GVR) tracks the volume and competition of each keyword phrase, and monitors the website’s rank on each. Alternatively, you could meet with colleagues who can suggest keyword phrases to be researched as part of preparing the Google Visibility Report.

Our Top Speakers, Your Bottom Line

Improving Your Website, Renewals and Social (Media) Skills

With the Miami Marketing Conference coming up in less than two months, we want to spotlight some of the accomplished speakers who are on the agenda along with a sneak peek of their knowledge.

On marketing.
1. Eric Hellweg, editor at Harvard Business Publishing, will be joining Mequoda’s Don Nicholas to present a session titled, “Limited Slots, Maximum Results: Maximize Your Marketing Inventory.” A little while ago, Hellweg looked back on his company’s successful transition.

3 Reasons to Add the New Tweet Button And Increase Inbound Links

How can the new Tweet Button increase inbound links, audience development efforts, and increase website traffic?

Twitter proudly announced its own share button last month. The option to retweet information has definitely made it easier for publishers to share their content on Twitter and contributed to Twitter’s continued growth.

How much do we retweet? More than 750 million daily retweet button impressions using TweetMeme alone. The new “Tweet Button” is similar to TweetMeme’s “retweet button”, with whom they are working closely with on this project, with 3 key differences.

What Industry-Related Conferences Bring to Attendees

The value found at live events is greater than many expect

How do you react when your boss tells you to pack a bag and prepare for an industry-focused conference a plane flight away? Are you overcome with excitement, or do you secretly loathe the instances of travel and the conference atmosphere? Hopefully the first instance is the case, and you eagerly prepare for the journey.

Conferences are a part of many industries yet they all differ so much. I recall the first conference I attended as a member of Mequoda Group, which was the Mequoda Summit in Napa Valley this past spring. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but wanted to be prepared for anything.

5 Best Practices All Online Editors Should Know

A superb editorial management strategy is the key to a successful, organized online marketing and audience development system

We have a giant collection of best practices for online editors in our Editorial Management Guidelines for Online Publishers white paper, but while we were reviewing it this week, we thought it might be nice to bust out a few on the blog that we thought were particularly important.

1. Require double opt-in on your email newsletters.

Ripped from the Headlines: The Green Giant Has Always Been Shrek

Are there SEO copywriting lessons to be gleaned from the Beloit College Mindset List?

Do you ever feel old and out of touch with popular culture?

I knew I was no longer young when — and this happened quite a few years ago — I overheard two teen-aged girls talking in a music store.

One asked innocently, “Did you know that Paul McCartney had another band — before Wings?”

Is Content Marketing Right for You?

Learn how content marketing can be profitable for you

Print evolved to radio, radio to television, and now, television to the Internet. For many of these mediums, the marketing strategy really hasn’t changed much – until now.

Content marketing works to create a relationship by giving the user free content before money is ever exchanged. This content is typically found on different mediums, from articles and white papers to podcasts and video pieces.

Jewelry Making Daily Publishing Case Study: Interweave Launches Another Online Community with its Proven Content Marketing Strategy

A Google keyword visibility strategy and valuable, highly targeted content are fundamental to this experienced online publishing enterprise

If you have ever doubted the value of keyword research and search engine optimization, consider the enviable success of Interweave, a unit of Aspire Media. It’s one of the nation’s largest and most respected arts and craft media companies, with businesses in magazine and book publishing, online media, television and video programming, directories and events.

Interweave’s extensive Internet network of more than 30 websites and eight online communities, which includes some of the most popular art- and craft-enthusiast destinations on the web, recently added a community for anyone interested in creating handmade jewelry.

One Successful Blog Leads to Another

From food to the great outdoors, Patti Londre offers passionate blogging advice

“At this stage of my career, blogging was natural for my background because it combines creativity, writing, cooking, photography, marketing, technology and more.” – Patti Londre

Food, food, food – Patti Londre has had a passion for all things food since her teens. Patti earned a degree in home economics at SDSU. She’s been in sales at Campbell Soup (mmm, mmm, good) and held a PR job for a large supermarket chain. For over 25 years, Londre has run her own successful food public relations agency. She is a former Treasurer of the PRSA, LA, former Treasurer of the International Foodservice Editorial Council, and former Chair of the prestigious LA Counselor’s Group.

Sites to Behold – and Bring in Customers

SIPA’s New Report Gives All The Latest on Subscription Websites That Sell

Here are snippets from the much-anticipated, just-released, 53-page SIPA Management Report titled Building Subscription Websites That Sell: A Marketing Perspective. The report features six archetypes—newsletters, magazines, reference, application, membership and periodical—numerous case studies, an evaluation device and a conclusion. It can be found on the Members Only section of the SIPA Website.

New PR Survey Tips Generously and Wisely

A New Survey on Public Relations Provides Some Up-to-Date Answers. In 1963, John Marston wrote a book, “The Nature of Public Relations,” saying that “public relations is planned, persuasive communication designed to influence significant publics.” Almost 50 years later, the definition hasn’t changed all that much, but how we go about those “persuasive communications” certainly has.

In a new study released yesterday by PRSourceCode, titled “2010 Top Tech Publications, The Evolution of Tech PR,” the state of public relations in the online world was summarized by questions like “How do you measure your social media impact?” and “How do you work to engage different media?”

Online PR Tips, Tricks and Traps

Online PR Tips, Tricks and Traps Explores the Evolution of Online PR Techniques

A Collection of Blogging for Profit Pieces Released

Catch up with these successful bloggers to see how they are blogging for profit

Week In Review: May 24th, 2010 – May 28th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week…

SEO Copywriting Handbook Released

Learn how to execute stronger SEO campaigns that’ll lead to higher page ranks in Google

Building Email Circulation

This revealing Mequoda/SIPA Webinar Offers 41 Sources You Could be Using to Increase Website Traffic & Attract Qualified Email Subscribers

Week In Review: April 26th, 2010 – April 30th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week…

IMAG-MPA 2010 Conference Coverage

IMAG-MPA Conference Discusses Growing Industry Trends as Well as Traditional Circ-Building and Revenue-Producing Best Practices

IMAG ’10 Coverage: A Solid Product Idea and Several Tips from Ogden Publications

Bryan Welch shares his thoughts on improving revenue per audience member