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Content Marketing Made Simple: 7 Principles for Highly Effective Content Marketing

Order this new, 90-minute webinar, co-sponsored by Mequoda and SIPA, and discover content marketing in the simplest, most time-efficient way possible.

Dear Publishing Colleague,

What do publishers at Aspire, BLR, The Motley Fool, The Dark Intelligence Group Inc., Meredith, America’s Test Kitchen, Rodale,  American Ceramics Society and Agora have in common?

They are all utilizing a content marketing strategy that has helped build traffic, increase the size of their email file and generate revenue.

Content marketing has become the core of online publishing and Internet marketing strategies. Understanding the principles that make up a successful content marketing strategy allows content publishers to build a larger, longer-lasting community.

If that isn’t enough, content marketing has developed more trust with the consumer by harnessing the power of engagement, content sharing and social interaction as a focal point of the relationship.

It’s clear that if you’re in the business of content production and publishing, and you haven’t adopted a content marketing strategy yet, you’re missing out on a more extensive, satisfied audience of paying customers.

Our Content Marketing Made Simple webinar will teach you the seven principles of a successful content marketing strategy in the most straightforward, easy to understand way possible. This “Cliff Notes” version of Mequoda’s content marketing program will have you implementing content marketing with pure simplicity.


It’s time to commit to content marketing daily

Are you still sitting back, watching the publishers mentioned above and hundreds of others use content marketing?

Have you witnessed the success they have had by sharing free content in exchange for a user’s email address?

If you are hesitant and unwilling to commit to content marketing right now, consider that the times have changed… Content marketing has raised the proverbial bar, as it has become the model of excellence for promoting content online.

Traditional marketing is not as effective as it once was. Especially now, since consumers have experienced content marketing first-hand and have received valuable content for free – before ever being asked for any money.

Tricks and traps presented by interruptive marketing are quickly becoming obsolete. Customers have grown weary of those old tactics and are looking for a method of communication that resonates with them.

These same consumers expect transparency. They do not want to be taken advantage of by companies and they refuse to waste their hard-earned money.

Content marketing has brought new life to the customer-marketer relationship.

Do not get left behind by changes in the industry. If you produce great content, you owe it to yourself, your colleagues and your audiences to develop a strategy that will yield results unlike the ones you’ve seen in the past.

Take just 90-minutes out of your schedule to attend Content Marketing Made Simple and discover a beneficial content marketing strategy in the easiest way possible.


The entirety of content marketing in a nutshell

This webinar is for you if:

You haven’t been to a Mequoda Summit…

You haven’t attended a FIPP Digital Publishing Course …

You haven’t participated in Mequoda’s one-day Content Marketing Seminar…

You haven’t become a Mequoda Gold Member yet…

If you fit into any of these categories, our Content Marketing Made Simple webinar is specifically designed for you.

This 90-minute webinar is the lowest level commitment you’ll ever get for the amount of actionable information you will receive.

We are presenting a succinct, up-to-date, simplified version that still contains all of the necessary information for developing a profitable content marketing strategy.

You’ve seen the most successful online publishers in an array of markets using content marketing in the 21st century. Join the ranks of these publishers and experience the advancements they’ve cultivated with their content.

Our rapid-fire approach to delivering the seven principles of a successful content marketing campaign will incorporate case studies with detailed explanations of the principles so you can easily understand and retain the information.

This updated presentation is for B2B and B2C organizations alike and will propel your online marketing endeavors into a modern era of sophisticated audience development and revenue generation, regardless of the software platform you use.


The 7 principles of a content marketing strategy

These principles will transform your publication into the most effective content marketing system imaginable. Following them will allow you to build an audience, increase website traffic and email conversions while generating more revenue.

Content Marketing Principle #1: Understand User Needs: Today’s special interest media experience is about the self-aware, self- actualized user seeking information from trusted sources. Discover the varying expectations and demands today’s more sophisticated consumer places on special-interest media.

Content Marketing Principle #2: Use Many Platforms: The digital age affords the opportunity to have multiple platforms work together towards one overall goal of building a more robust, profitable, audience-driven business. This is achieved by maximizing efforts on web, email, books, periodicals, apps and live events.

Content Marketing Principle #3: Leverage Organic Media: Organic media has become the main source of traffic for most online publishers. Learn how to integrate all your efforts together so that search, social and legacy media can be working in proper alignment.

Content Marketing Principle #4: Build User Relationships: Do you fully understand the power of FREE? The process of capturing email addresses should be utilized on every page of your website. Learn how to build a bigger email marketing file by giving away free content.

Content Marketing Principle #5: Maximize Customer Value: A key point of maintaining an audience involves balancing the frequency in which you email your list and the opt-out rates you experience. Learn the balance that successful online publishers are using for consistent audience growth and revenue generation.

Content Marketing Principle #6: Empower Your Organization: An organization must be working together towards the same goal. Organizing for empowerment requires businesses managers to think outside the box. Discover how to mobilize employees, vendors and customers so that they fully share your vision.

Content Marketing Principle #7: Manage by Exception: It’s important to have a grasp on the overall health of your content-based business. Measuring what you can manage immediately alerts you to problems and opportunities in your online business. Learn how to track operating statics by utilizing a Key Metrics Dashboard.


Get content marketing insight from a knowledgeable instructor

What is another similarity publishers at Aspire, BLR, The Motley Fool, The Dark Intelligence Group Inc., Meredith, Rodale and American Ceramics Society have in common?

They have all consulted with Don Nicholas on the process of content marketing.

From one-on-one coaching to multi-day conferences, Nicholas has shared his content marketing wisdom in person and through the digital landscape.

He has watched the process in all of its stages while presenting feedback on how to achieve better results.

Now you can experience the most simplified, straightforward approach to the same content that has helped mainstream publishers along their journey to becoming digital media powerhouses.

Our Content Marketing Made Simple webinar on CD will introduce you to a new world of possibilities for the content you already have, and the content you plan on creating.

It’s never too late to learn new ways to improve your business model. If you are not happy with the website traffic you are currently receiving, or the size of your email marketing list, a well-designed content marketing strategy will lead you to a bigger, more satisfied audience that trusts in your content.

Do not hesitate any longer… The future of digital publishing is here and it is content-based. You need to start marketing that content in a methodical fashion or you will get left behind. If your competition has already adopted a content marketing strategy, then you really don’t have much time to waste.




Kim Mateus
Educational Services Director
Mequoda Group


If you still aren’t convinced, here are some comments from your colleagues on Don Nicholas and the Mequoda Group’s Content Marketing programming:

“It would be hard to imagine a better presentation of hands-on practical knowledge in this area. Don Nicholas serves up a clean and coherent approach to truly becoming an effective and successful online publisher.”
-William Stranger, Editor and CEO, Dharma Cafe

“Don Nicholas is undoubtedly an expert in his field and delivers an information packed, fast-paced quality presentation.”
-Joseph Belotti, President,

“One of the best presenters I have seen. Excellent!”
-Charles Kim, former VP Global Digital Marketing, Reader’s Digest

“Excellent content from industry gurus.”
-Karen Young, Editor, Canfield Press

“Don is not only knowledgeable, but he’s entertaining. His staff is top notch and they all bring new discoveries to the forefront.”
-Shelby Kraus, former Director of Marketing, Premier Guitar Magazine

“This will give you a great big picture view of the opportunities ahead of us.”
-Stephen Koenig, VP & Publisher, Interweave

“If you want to make more money online – and have all the tools to make it happen, listen to Mequoda.”
-Chuck McCullough, former Senior Vice President, Magazine Publishers of America

“Case study format is great.”
-Maura Lockwood, Marketing Communications, Cabot Heritage Corp.


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Don Nicholas

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Kim Mateus

Educational Services Director

Mequoda Group


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