Resources From the Mequoda SEO Workshop

A look at our half-day intensive on SEO at the Mequoda Summit West 2011

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, I discussed persuasive online copywriting.

The skills associated with SEO copywriting will be taught at length during our half-day Mequoda SEO Workshop at the Mequoda Summit West 2011.

With over 20 participants from both the Mequoda Research Team and our Gold Members, you will never have a better opportunity to learn directly from professionals who spend their career mastering the requirements of proper SEO.

If you are new to SEO or new to the disciplined, research-oriented, measurable version, this workshop is for you.

One of our Gold Members is fond of saying his editors think they know how to SEO until the concept of metrics is brought up.

During the Mequoda SEO Workshop we will teach how to research keywords, discover where they rank and how long they’ve held their rankings. Our SEO involves metrics, as we believe if you can measure it, you can effectively manage it.

Process management professionals, search engine researchers and SEO copywriters will teach the workshop. You will meet a wide variety of individuals who are experts in their fields. Here’s a brief description of what each of our presenters do within the Mequoda Research Team.

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Nancy Horan – Systems Director: Nancy helps manage, design, build and deliver Mequoda best practices to Mequoda Online Marketing System clients. She is knowledgeable with WordPress and WhatCounts Email management software.

Amanda MacArthur – Social Media Specialist: Amanda creates and writes all social media related content for Mequoda. She works one-on-one with our Gold Members providing social media training, certification and SEO copywriting services.

Norann Oleson – Keyword Specialist: Norann devotes her time to developing and managing Keyword Universes and Google Visibility Reports for Mequoda and our Gold Members. She works one-on-one with our Members to continuously evolve their GVRs and ensure the reports encompass the most highly targetable phrases.

Chris Sturk – Managing Editor: Chris handles the daily editorial tasks for Mequoda Group, including writing and editing posts and producing our Daily email program. He is also responsible for all organic audience development for the Mequoda website and email list.

You’ll walk away from this half-day program knowing how to intimately use the Google Keyword Tool to discover, build and track your keyword visibility.

To prepare you for this workshop, I have included some of the research team’s favorite SEO resources:

Motoricerca Keyword Density Tool

Google Keyword Tool

Search Engine Land – blog

Search Engine Strategies Conference – New York in March

Unfair Advantage – book

Search Engine News – blog

Prep now to get ready for an extremely educational environment at the Mequoda SEO Workshop on Tuesday, April 5th at the Mequoda Summit West 2011.


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