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Tag: online publishing industry

What Are Native Ads’ Status Among Publishers?

First things first: What are native ads, as we know them today? Native advertising is sponsored content crafted by marketers, often in collaboration with in-house studios at digital magazines, that’s intended to “fit in” with articles and videos on a publisher’s site, without misleading readers.

Sound like a fancy way of saying advertorial? Well, sure, but we’ve come a long since the early days of advertorial. How far, and where does the evolution find us? Well, that’s what Digiday asked several publishing executives. Let’s start there today!

Job Posting: Director of Online Publishing and Interactive Media

The Director of Online Publishing and Interactive Media will manage CSPI’s online content publishing Web site, A business plan and strategy are in place for this highly visible online presence for CSPI and Nutrition Action Healthletter content, and this position will regularly measure and report on key program metrics and adjust the strategy and plan as necessary.

Early Bird Pricing for Search Engine Optimization 2011 Ends…

Early bird pricing ends on Tuesday, July 12th so register now and save

Register for Search Engine Optimization 2011 Seminar now

SEO has become a fundamental skill in the digital landscape. If online editors, writers and content marketers aren’t knowledgeable on the best practices for SEO, then will not be as successful as possible in building website traffic and generating revenue.

The four modules taught at our upcoming Search Engine Optimization 2011 Seminar will provide context for the digital publishing environment while sharing techniques proven to build traffic, conversions and core audiences for B2B and B2C publishers.

A Big Reason to Optimize Your Website for Mobile

New Twitter stats from CES show how mobile is important to the social media company

The Consumer Electronics Show, also known as CES, wrapped up yesterday, January 9th in Las Vegas, NV. New tablet devices and 4G smart phones were introduced at this year’s show, in addition to images of supposed hardware for the iPad 2.

Since 4G smart phones were a hot topic at the show, it’s worth taking a look at their value to the online publishing industry.

65% of Web Users Have Paid for Content

New evidence that subscription website models are valuable

We’ve discussed it before. Online consumers are willing to pay for content online, especially if it’s premium content.

The days of assuming everything online should be free may not be fully over, but the mindset has changed a bit as 65% of US Internet users have paid for some form of online content.

Week in Review: December 13th, 2010 – December 17th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

The iPad and Web Apps

The “iPadification” of mobile apps

We have been talking about the impact devices like the iPad will have on the online publishing industry since the tablet device was released.

These changes won’t be strictly due to the iPad – other tablet devices, web trends and additional technology will play a part as well.

Content Marketing with Branded Content

Popularity of content marketing and branded content are on the rise and the iPad may play part in this equation

As the end of 2010 comes nearer, let’s take a look back on how the online publishing industry changed throughout the past year.

One big addition to the industry was the iPad. Released in April 2010, the tablet device created by Apple intrigued an array of content producers and publishers as it sold three million copies within the first 80 days.

Find Online Publishing Jobs Using Social Media

LinkedIn Career Explorer combines social media and recruiting

Career Explorer on LinkedIn is a valuable new tool that matches up college graduates who are looking for full-time jobs or internships and the companies who want to hire them.

With over 70 million users, LinkedIn is a good place to start, whether you looking to hire or to get hired. Here are a few tips about using LinkedIn and Career Explorer, first for employers and then graduates.

Modern Tools for Content Marketing

Insight from Jeanniey Mullen and Don Nicholas from the Mequoda Summit Boston 2010

I catch a case of slight chills when writing this article about modern parameters of content marketing. Why? Because the publishing landscape has changed. We are at the beginning of a new era, one where communications and mass media went digital.

Does Gutenberg’s printing press era end here? Surely print won’t disappear tomorrow, but publishers are already making a shift and adding digital components and editions to their arsenal of content. It’s not surprising; large groups of people are using the Internet and mobile devices to consume the content that interests them. If publishers want to remain relevant to these growing audiences, it’s a must to offer digital products and meet the audiences where they stand within digital landscape.

Vida y Salud Wins Annual Mequoda Rocket Award

Soaring success in the online publishing industry deserves to be rewarded…

The Mequoda Rocket Award is given away each year to one of America’s fast growing online publishers.

As the name implies, the Rocket Award acknowledges online publishers who soar above their competition to position themselves at an admirable place in the online environment.

The Future of Digital Newsstands

Some are amazed at the quick emergence of digital content; others saw it coming for years. Where will it lead?

Why is it that human beings love to theorize about the future? Maybe it’s because there really isn’t a wrong theory, since none have played out yet. Or maybe it’s because individuals are so passionate and knowledgeable about a topic that they see into it more than other people do. Their theories are more like hypotheses based off some set of established facts.

We are starting to see what the near future is going to look like for the online publishing industry and it is going digital. New platforms are emerging like mobile devices and tablets, and those devices are allowing users to experience interactivity while diving into a brilliant, media-rich world.

Week in Review: August 16th, 2010 – August 20th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

iPad Forecast Goes Up

Two different sources predict iPad sales will be higher than originally thought. Why is this, and what’s it mean for the online publishing industry?

A few weeks ago, Sarah Rotman Epps wrote about Forrester’s original forecast pertaining to the sales of iPads saying, “our initial forecast was conservative, especially in the short term, and we plan to publish an update later this year once we have more supply-side and consumer data.”

Forrester is a reputable company when it comes to objective research. Due to this, it’s interesting to see that they will be giving an updated forecast on iPad sales. Rotman Epps went on to say that the iPad has been acting differently than other consumer devices. There is a lot of demand from customers for this product and two factors she includes are:

Why It’s Important for Online Publishers to Create a Multi-Platform Brand

And three components to building a multi-platform brand that you may want to utilize

While writing this, I am reminded of the lemming myth. I’m sure you may have heard it before. The tale was that if one lemming were to walk off a cliff, all the others would follow. Scientific evidence has shown that such a theory is incorrect, but the anecdote still holds a place in minds’ of those who are always questioning the actions surrounding them.

When new mediums or strategies emerge, some people jump on the first opportunity to use them. Others are more cautious. They wait for more information to come out, to see results others experience, and to carefully plan their steps so they don’t end up making an ill-advised mistake that could be detrimental to the health of their business.

Many publishers fall into this category. They are smart, savvy and hardworking, but have been cautious with adopting multiple mediums for their online publication. Others have started the process, but are taking it slowly.

Week In Review: August 2nd, 2010 – August 6th, 2010

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Would You Like a Taste of the Mequoda Summit?

Our new Digital Media Podcast provides an example of the Mequoda Summit experience

Download our Mequoda Summit Digital Media Podcast: A Dozen Minutes from the Mequoda Summit 2006 now

It’s the time of year again to prepare for our upcoming Mequoda Summit Boston 2010. For the second Summit of 2010, we have pulled out all the stops to create an unprecedented experience for our attendees.

We’ve brought together four influential members of the publishing and online content industry to share their insightful stories of success. These keynote speakers will be offering case studies and first-hand advice.

Week In Review: June 28th, 2010 – July 2nd, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week…

Interweave Launches Quilting Arts in Stitches, a Digital eMag

Interactive arts and crafts meets a digital format at Interweave. Interweave, the world’s leading online and offline resource for artists and crafters announced its new digital content product this week.

With digital content products looking like the future of the online publishing industry, Interweave is planning several eMagsTM to debut in 2010.

Last Chance to Become a Better SEO Copywriter

Attend the SEO Copywriting Workshop webinar to learn 18 priceless tips, including a step-by-step formula for SEO copywriting

SEO Copywriting Workshop

This informative webinar on SEO copywriting reveals the SEO copywriting secrets and SEO copywriting tips of top online SEO copywriting experts.

The Online Business Model that Fits your Ideas

Develop a Synchronized Online Business Plan

Week In Review: April 5th, 2010 – April, 9th 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week…

Save the Date – Boston Summit 2010: September 15th – 17th, 2010

Join us as we prepare for the future of online publishing at the Boston Summit

Understanding Your Online Opportunities

Thriving in the Digital Future: The Mequoda Keynote Presentation, Live from Napa Valley

Week In Review: March 29th, 2010 – April, 2nd 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week…

Week In Review: March 22nd, 2010 – March 26th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week…

Vida y Salud – One Million Unique Users in Under 10 Months

A story of health, wellness and success

Clay Hall Shares Digital Media Strategy for 2010

Thoughts and strategies on the future of online publishing

The Real Reason We Go to Conferences…

We travel dozens, hundreds, or thousands of miles to network, collaborate and build better online publishing businesses

Online Publishing Book Review: What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting by Ted Demopoulos

Find fresh content at a trade show, seminar or conference. No doubt there are dozens of industry events happening worldwide right now. It’s impossible for your subscribers to attend all of them. Why not take that opportunity and turn your coverage of these events into fresh online content.

Keeping your friends close and your advertisers closer

When attracting advertisers, it’s not about the hair and makeup, it’s about the adroll and tagroll

What kind of world are we living in, where even ad-space has a place in social networking? An online publishers world, that’s what!

If your website is ad-driven, you might be interested in this new online advertising haven called This free ad-network was created by Jared Kopf, a young entrepreneur listed amongst BusinessWeek’s list of tech’s best. is still in private beta, but if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on an invitation (we have a few, if you’d like an invite let us know), or wait the 24 hours it takes to process a beta application, this new venture has a lot to offer the online publishing industry, and we should be watching closely.

Balance Costs with Research

Research and keep an eye on the bottom line

Staying on top of the online publishing industry is like trying to stand on top of a greased bowling ball—it’s not easy.

Everything changes so rapidly.

One day you’re an email marketer, and the next day the law brands you as a spammer.

Another day you’re driving loads of traffic to your website, and the next you’re wondering why none of it is converting.