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Develop a Synchronized Online Business Plan

This year has been filled with a lot of discussion on both website design and content marketing. Earlier this week we had our live webinar Content Marketing 2010 hosted by Don Nicholas and Kim Mateus.

Early next month we will have a live webinar called Website Homepage Design Workshop. Those who register early will have the chance to be selected as one of three webinar attendees who will receive a free homepage review, in addition to all the other content of the webinar.

And as one more example, our recent Mequoda Summit in Napa Valley hosted sessions on both content marketing and website design.

After those last three paragraphs you may be asking “What’s your point Chris?”

The importance in understanding the evolution of online publishing

My point is simple. We have collectively been discussing website design and content marketing extensively lately because in 2010 and beyond, content marketing and the way your website handles the components of content marketing will be detrimental to your success as an online publisher, retailer, or marketer.

The online environment is evolving; each year brings a new medium or displays “what’s hot”. The time for content marketing is here now, and both Don and Kim want to help you grasp the concepts within it.

You may be thinking, “Okay, I’ve heard about content marketing and have some interest in it. But I already know about website design”.

Just like the internet’s massive ability to change rapidly, website homepage design has similar attributes. There are best practices to follow to assure your website loads quickly, displays your content properly, builds relationships with visitors and retains those relationships all while remaining aesthetically appealing.

But with the different types of websites found on the internet, do you know which design style is most beneficial for you?

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3 types of websites for online businesses

If you feel your website could be doing more for your business, maybe you should take a hard look at your revenue strategy. One aspect to being successful on the internet lies in choosing the right business model and supporting infrastructure. When you have these correct parts in place, you are ultimately lowering operating costs and bolstering higher revenue possibilities.

So what is your online strategy? Below are the three main methods we at the Mequoda Group teach. Along with these methods we can teach how to sell products and events through them, how to secure profitable advertising and how to arrange mutually beneficial sponsorships.

Online Publishing: This method focuses on bringing content to an online audience. It involves developing and acquiring content, editing that content and designing webpages for it. Posting, distributing and marketing for that content will then be utilized in order to grow your audience. Most online publishers are using blogs, web pages, email, RSS feeds, PDFs, podcasts, video and a slew of other digital formats to share their content.

Online Retail: Do you envision your business as an online storefront? Online retail involves selling merchandise or services for direct consumption by your audience. Learning the method behind it will not only teach you how to sell products online, but will also teach you how to get your website found.

Online Strategy: This key method helps you determine what the focus of your online endeavors will be. Will it include online publishing, or online marketing? It helps you decide on your direction and shows you what steps need to be followed in order to create a hybrid model that includes both online publishing and online marketing.

2010 is a year of massive changes in this industry and it isn’t even half over. What else is in store for the online publishing industry this year? If you feel your website can be stronger with content and design, attend one of our Content Marketing 2010 Seminars with Don Nicholas and Kim Mateus to understand how the industry is changing, and how you can evolve with it.


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