SEO Tips & Advice for Bloggers

Today we’re focusing on SEO tips specifically for bloggers. To have a successful blog you need to maximize your traffic. This is usually done by having as much new content as possible, after all people will be looking at your blog to find new content, not to look at the same stuff they’ve already seen. To make things simple, content drives traffic.

Below we have a few tips from top bloggers on how to improve blog SEO in order to produce maximum amounts of traffic.

5 Must-Know Tips for Blog SEO

If a blog post is published and no one reads it, does it exist?

Working on a blog (business or personal) is always a big investment of time and creativity. You spend an hour or four writing, press the publish button, and then… you wait.

You ultimately get 37 hits and you begin to wonder if it was worth spending all this time to reach so few people?

With the assumption that you’re putting out some good, interesting content, one way to maximize your visibility is to apply some basic SEO rules to your blog.

To put it simply, these rules will help you optimize your blog post so that search engines have no problem finding it, categorizing it, and displaying it in their results. In turn, this will increase the discoverability of your masterpiece and potentially lead more unique visitors on your blog

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5 Best SEO Tips 2012 for Blogger

Did you know that this year Google will apply 500 algorithm update? If you do then this 5 best seo tips 2012 for blogger can help you to avoid any unnecessary cause from the update. Recently on January 18, 2012 Google have applied its first update as answer of many complain that they have receive from their users (Google update affected above the fold ads)

Before we start with 5 best seo tips for blogger, I assume that you already understand what is search engine and how search engine works.

What is search engine? Search engine is an algorithm program that is used to search for information using keywords or keyword phrase to find file document, images, videos, and return in a form of list of links. The way search engine works is by sending spiders to crawl the world wide web and then an indexer analyze the information than create an index and a form list of links

And Google the biggest search can index 2300 pages/second that mean Google can index 19.8 billion pages per day so no wonder Google is the most favorite search engine.

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Blog SEO Tips

Anchor text is the text you will see from the user’s point of view on some links. So if I linked to my homepage using the word backlinks then Google will take this into account and my homepage will rank slightly better for the keyword backlinks. This is because search engines see it as a vote on what the linked to page is about. But the text in the link its self is called anchor text.

Why you should use anchor text for back links?

If you get a couple of high quality links using the primary keyword as anchor text for a niche page your rankings for that keyword should improve quite a bit.

A hyperlink is a clickable piece of a web page that a user can follow to another page or website. Instead of just using the URL of the link you can now use the primary keyword of the page. If you do you will be maximizing the amount of search engine ranking benefit the page you have linked to will get from the link. You can make the most of this when you are linking to pages on your site. When you are trying to build back links to your website it is crucial to use anchor text in those links.

Utilize Descriptive Keyword Rich File Names

Be sure that your image and webpage file names are descriptive and contain your keywords when possible

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SEO Blogging Tips for Audience Development

10 tips for developing findable content

An audience development blog is a valuable tool for interacting with online audiences and establishing a reputation within your market.

As any audience development professional will tell you, SEO is one of the most important components of developing an audience development blog. Below, I’ve listed a collection of SEO blogging tips that will help you better understand the process of driving targeted traffic to your website. The majority of these tips will be discussed in more depth during our Playing Nice with Google Penguin webinar, which shares key insights on avoiding penalties associated with Google’s recent algorithmic changes.

SEO blogging tips at a glance

SEO blogging tip #1: Keyword research – Use the Google Keyword Tool to find search volume for your primary and secondary keyword phrases.

SEO blogging tip #2: Optimization – Use your keyword phrases in the headline, subhead, body copy, and metadata of your landing pages.

SEO blogging tip #3: Link building – Establish relationships with other blogs and ask them for links to your content. Creating great content may lead to links in itself.

SEO blogging tip #4: Social media – Don’t just spread content through Twitter and Facebook; target your keywords and relevant users when possible.

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    Great tips for bloggers here. The use of unique and well researched content is crucial to any “on page” SEO. However, it is also a good idea for any blogger to use social media to get their content out to a readership quickly.


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