Services for Developing Your Email Campaigns

We offer an array of services to help you master email marketing and email newsletter creation. We realize the importance of email, which is expected to grow as mobile devices gain incredible popularity.

Email isn’t just about communication nowadays; it’s a trusted primary tool used for business transactions and the storing of valuable information – the type that people don’t necessarily want to share freely.

To help you build email marketing circulation, create subject lines that can’t be ignored and email newsletter designs that meet the approval of the toughest critics, we offer some educational insight:

Mequoda Pro: A yearly subscription to Mequoda Pro offers 45 webinars on demand, which includes over 60 hours of information. Pertaining directly to email endeavors, we offer the following webinars:

Building Email Circulation
The Email Copywriting Workshop
Solving Email Delivery Problems
Email Subject Line Smackdown

These other webinars are relevant to email list building, but include other topics as well:

SEO Basics
Landing Page Testing & Optimization
29 Ways to Increase Website Traffic
Content Marketing Made Simple

All of these webinars are available for purchase on DVD too.

Furthermore, if we offer dozens are articles in the Mequoda Daily on email marketing, email copywriting and email newsletter design. This, of course, includes the following free reports:

Email Copywriting Basics
The 17 Best Email Subject Lines
10 Email Newsletter Design Best Practices

Please browse all of this content to assure more email success in 2012.


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