Discover Principles for Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2011

Our new Content Marketing Strategy 2011 white paper discusses Content Marketing in the Digital Age

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Since many Internet marketers and online publishers seek a content marketing strategy for 2011, we decided to update our content marketing free white paper and provide our audience with seven principles of a successful content marketing strategy.

These seven principles of online content marketing will help practitioners embrace the power of content in the digital age.

The reason for releasing Content Marketing Strategy 2011

The online publishing and Internet marketing environment is not only changing drastically, it’s changing at a rate faster than expected.

This abrupt change has shown that content marketing systems are taking over traditional forms of marketing.

Shifting from interruptive marketing to content marketing has begun because content-based products – magazines, newsletters, books, audio and video content – can now be offered as digital products. These digital products can be delivered online, as well as marketed on websites and through email.

This massive shift has brought some challenges to the world of online publishing.

For instance, much of the best editorial content companies create is being offered as free downloads on their websites. This is precisely how content marketing begins.

Content marketing thrives off of giving away free content in exchange for an active email address. Users love to receive the free information and content marketers like to receive an email address for future correspondence.

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The Mequoda Content Marketing System

A Mequoda Content Marketing System is based off seven strategies for making money online with free content.

It’s unlike any traditional marketing method that most of us studied in college. Online content marketing is the future for Internet marketers and online publishers. Learning the process and concepts behind content marketing will help you better develop online audiences, gain more website traffic and generate more overall revenue.

The Seven Principles of the Online Content Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age

The seven principles of content marketing found in our free Content Marketing Strategy 2011 white paper include:

Content Marketing Strategy #1 – Understand User Needs

Content Marketing Strategy #2 – Use Many Platforms

Content Marketing Strategy #3 – Leverage Organic Media

Content Marketing Strategy #4 – Build User Relationships

Content Marketing Strategy #5 – Maximize Customer Value

Content Marketing Strategy #6 – Empower Your Organization

Content Marketing Strategy #7 – Manage By Exception

For detail on all of these content marketing strategies, download your free digital copy of Content Marketing Strategy 2011: Embracing the Seven Principles of Online Content Marketing in the Digital Age now.


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