Five Ways to Develop a Larger Audience Online

Content marketing tips for reaching new audience members

Many things can be said about the social sharing of content.

Beyond inciting more interaction online, it has helped the spread of content.

In a recent article from Mashable, Frank Marquardt, director of content strategy at The Barbarian Group, addressed five strategies for maximizing the reach of content.

The interest in social sharing has allowed more companies to become publishers, in one capacity of another. This can have mixed results, depending on the brand and the quality of content they are able to produce and disseminate. However, for those that have high-quality content, the possibility for reaching and satisfying new audience members is always present.

Five content strategies for gaining reach

Content Strategy #1: Create quality content. In Mashable’s article, they recommend creating content people can use, or content that entertains them.

Some of the greatest content marketing efforts forge these two together. For online publishers, think about how you can incorporate your informative content with entertaining components.

Digital magazine issues or content on subscription websites can do this by adding elements that audio, video, photography and even games.

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Content Strategy #2: Organize around your message. Consistency is important throughout all publishing platforms. Online publishers do not want to confuse readers by spreading inconsistent messages.

For the best results, Marquardt suggests deciding on what the content should be, when it’ll be released, how it will appear and the message it is sharing. Having this information in place will make it easier to share throughout social platforms, by different members of your organization.

Content Strategy #3: Operate like a publisher. As most of you are publishers, this concept is surely not new to you. Publishing on a daily schedule will help your content stay on top-of-mind for your audience.

Content Strategy #4: Make your content portable. For those publishers and content marketers producing blog articles, including a button for sharing directly on each post helps in initiating the sharing process.

Some publishers prefer to tweet the title of the articles while others will attempt more interesting tweets that include info about the article. Try them both to see what works better for you.

Content Strategy #5: Make your content findable. For this aspect, I recommend focusing on SEO as it will help you find core audience members. Doing substantial keyword research will allow you to find long-tail keywords, which should attract more traffic for you.

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And for more on this topic, take a look at the article from Mashable.


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