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We are in this business because we love that there are hard working, dedicated people who strive to immerse the world with quality information. We love that publishers and authors spend their lives with this mission. And we love that there are many appreciative audiences out there.

So, in the spirit of the season, we here at the Mequoda Group have decided to give all those in the publishing industry, and those with the desire to begin publishing, our free digital version of the Internet Marketing Strategy eBook.

The information contained within this free eBook is extremely valuable if you publish magazines, newsletters, membership websites, books, audio recordings, videos or information products of any kind. After reading the eBook, you will have the knowledge needed to successfully reach your niche audience.

Thousands of hard copies of this eBook have been sold since its publication in 2006. In fact, the hard copy version is completely sold out – which is why we are offering the digital version only. The information found within this book has been presented in person to clients for thousands of dollars. Now it can be yours free of charge.

These revealing online publishing and internet marketing secrets are your recipe for success.

Mequoda Group’s Research Team studied hundreds of successful and not-so-successful website publishers to find what strategies worked and which didn’t. We finally arrived at the seven best practices that make up what we refer to as the Mequoda System.

The Mequoda System is a logical, rational business process, that when operated as a repeating cycle, creates a constantly improving, audience-driven, media management system.

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The Mequoda System, when executed with passion and accuracy, can transform your special interest publication into a profitable niche media empire.

But don’t just take my word on it. Go get your copy of the free eBook: Internet Marketing Strategy and see for yourself. You have so much to gain by doing so.

What’s included in the free Internet Marketing Strategy eBook, you ask?

The simple answer is “So Much”. You will receive an in-depth, 256-page eBook explaining how to implement the Mequoda System to create your own niche media empire. All the information within the book is spelled out for you – step by step. A lack of how-to knowledge will not stop you from realizing your publishing goals after reading this eBook.

The Internet Marketing Strategy eBook explains The Mequoda System and the seven habits of successful online publishers. You will receive specific examples of companies who have utilized these seven habits and have increased every aspect of their business because of it.

If you are currently unsure as to what direction to take with your business and don’t know what works and what doesn’t, then you need to spend some time with this eBook.

The future of publishing at your fingertips

Whether it’s information about using the internet to sell information products, or ways to transition from direct mail to internet marketing, you will come away with the concepts that revolutionized the way savvy publishers generate sales and profits.

Beyond all that we are offering to you free of cost, we truly want to make sure that all creative authors and publishers, throughout all diverse fields, have access to this information.

We firmly believe that all publishers in any field need, and can be benefited from our free eBook: Internet Marketing Strategy.

Now that we have shared our thoughts and feelings on this great offer, it’s time for you to get your free copy. We hope you enjoy our free eBook: Internet Marketing Strategy, and that it helps you reach your potential as a publisher.

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