Internet Advertising Revenue Drives Local Ad Boom

… but national ads push Meredith Internet advertising revenue increase as MSLO deal pays dividends; plus, news from Forbes and Tribune Publishing

Internet advertising revenue isn’t all the way there quite yet as the sole source of profit for the majority of publishers, but it continues to grow at a rate that makes it more and more attractive to digital magazines, on both the local and national level. As publishers get closer to cracking the code on mobile advertising trends and perfect the art of sponsored content – not to mention  they’re able to fully realize the benefits of online advertising as part of a multiplatform strategy.

MediaPost covers the growth of Internet advertising revenue from all angles – let’s take a look at what they have for us this week.

2016 Will See Local Ads Touch $146B, With Internet Advertising Revenue Growing Fast

MediaPost reports on the landscape for local ads, and finds that digital ad revenue is growing faster than any other segment.

“The fastest-growing area is all local online/digital revenues – with a 12.1% rise to $42.6 billion from $38 million in 2015. Direct mail will maintain the largest share — at 25.6% ($37.5 billion). Local TV is next, at 14.5% ($21.3 billion), followed by online/interactive at 11.3% ($16.6 billion); radio at 10% ($14.7 billion); newspapers at 9.8% ($14.4 billion); mobile at 7.7% ($11.3 billion); out-of-home at 5.6% ($8.21 billion); and local cable at 5.1% ($7.48 billion),” Wayne Friedman writes.

“Newspapers-online, come in at 2.6% ($3.8 billion); followed by Yellow Pages-print at 1.7% ($2.49 billion); Yellow Pages-Internet at 1.6% ($2.35 billion); local email at 1.6% ($2.35 billion); magazines at 1%, ($1.47 billion); radio-online at 0.8% ($1.17 billion); TV-online at 0.7% ($1.03 billion); and magazine-online at 0.3% ($440 million).”

Meredith Internet Advertising Revenue Increases; MSLO Merger Cited as Success

Meredith continues to make waves, as they’ve released revenue numbers in between its acquisition of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and its impending merger with Media General. Combined revenues are up 4% – $371 million to $385 million – year-over-year, MediaPost reports. Drilling down, the trend continues with its magazines and related properties, as national advertising is up 2% and circulation is up 10%.

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“Looking ahead, Meredith sees total revenues increasing in the low single digits for the final quarter of 2015, with a big increase in national ad revenues offsetting a decrease in local ad revenues, again due to the relative scarcity of political advertising,” Erik Sass writes.

Forbes Giving New Meaning to Mobile Content Strategy

Forbes’ latest licensing move is a deal with Worldfone to create new service Forbesfone for travelers, offering voice and data plans, MediaPost reports.

“The launch of Forbesfone aligns with our strategy to develop new revenue streams through product extensions under the Forbes brand,” Forbes COO Mike Federle said.

“This global offering is a unique and cost-effective service addressing a common complaint of our audience of world business travelers.”

Tribune Publishing the Latest to Launch Content Studio

Tribune Content Solutions is the new in-house studio for Tribune Publishing. Dan Hickey will lead the enterprise, MediaPost reports.

How big of a segment does Internet advertising revenue comprise when it comes to your profits? Let us know in the comments!

To read more about Internet advertising revenue in the news, visit MediaPost.


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