Niche Advertising News and Strategy for Publishers

Top trade publication on niche advertising trends that digital magazines can capitalize on; plus, how to generate revenue via events

Welcome to a special all-niche edition of our daily news post, wherein we’ll drill down on the topic of niche advertising, a crucial component of any magazine business model for enthusiast publishers.

After all, it’s not just content you must match up with your target audience – it’s ads, as well. But you also have to find the right relationship with brands who themselves have plenty of options when it comes to spending their limited marketing budgets.

So, who better to consult for niche advertising advice than our friends and frequent collaborators at Niche Media, who burst out of the gate in 2016 with a bounty of actionable articles and blog posts for niche publishers?

Let’s get a feel for their thoughts on print and web advertising – beginning with how to jumpstart your digital advertising revenue.

How to Achieve Your Niche Advertising Goals

Niche Media’s top six goals for hitting your niche advertising goals? Set goals that are realistic; set focus points; eliminate random patterns; identify repeatable patterns of success; get help; and understand that ad sales is a numbers game.

“Rather than set an unrealistic $200,000 media sales goal, break that down. Then create a plan to attack the smaller pieces. Once you have the number broken into manageable pieces, then back your self into your numbers,” Ryan Dohrn writes.

“For example, if your goal is $200k and your product sells for $10k, then you will need to close 20 deals. If you close 50% of the clients that you meet with, then you need to prospect 40 potential clients. I would advise you to prospect 50. You need a buffer to stay on track.”

Biggest Predictions for Niche Magazines in 2016

Niche Media’s predictions for niche magazines in 2016 include mobile, video & VR, print advertising, data, events, social media marketing, and digital advertising.

According to Integral Ad Science President and CEO Scott Knoll: “Viewability will continue to evolve, and 78 percent of our customers say they are planning to buy/sell media based on viewability in 2016, but the question will shift from ‘Can the ad be seen?’ to ‘Is the viewable ad causing consumer purchases?'”

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Publishers Can Please Both Brands and Readers

Believe it or not, you are able to make both advertisers and audience happy, according to Niche Media. Some of the ways include building relationships, establishing a connected presence, an effective website, keep expansion in mind, and communication.

“If your advertisers just want to insert a one-time ad, they may not be the best fit for your niche audience. There is a huge opportunity with multiple distribution channels for storytelling. It strengthens the relationship with your existing readers, attracts new readers and gives your advertisers more choices,” Diana Landau writes.

“The best way to expand your product line-up, monetize them fully and keep readers and advertisers happy is to look for ways to cluster your products (or brands.) For example, you can niche your niche, expand vertically, promote across platforms and more.”

Are Publisher Events the Answer to Your Revenue Needs?

You know we love events. Niche Media does, too. And the key, according to them, is preparation and separating yourself from the pack.

“You always need to have more and better communication in the pre-event stages. Why? How you communicate before the event will make a BIG difference in the success of your event, as it’s all about keeping your speakers, sponsors and staff in the loop,” Carl Landau writes.

“Plus the only way you can have your speakers and sponsors help you, promote your event, and feel they are a part of the event ‘team’ is to keep them involved in the PRE-planning processes.”

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To read more about niche advertising in the news, visit Niche Media.


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