Designing Rapid Conversion Landing Pages for Successful SEO Campaign Management

Nine steps for converting visitors into subscribers during SEO campaigns

A key component to SEO campaigns is the rapid conversion landing page (RCLP). A successful RCLP will convert visitors into email subscribers and aid in your organic search engine marketing work.

Each free informational product you produce needs an RCLP that you can begin to build after your keyword research for the topic is complete, and before you release the product to your email list.

The following steps will help you build your RCLP correctly so you can begin converting more email subscribers. For even more tips on SEO campaign management, download our free report on SEO Campaign Management Basics.

Nine-step checklist for a well-designed RCLP that will assist in SEO campaign management

Step #1 – Choose the source and voice: Think about your audience while undertaking this task. Speak with them in a language that relates to them and make sure you include the call to action.

Typically we include order forms in editorial, or OFIES, within all of our RCLPs. These OFIEs include a picture of the product and a brief description. To receive the free product all a user has to do is enter his or her email address into the OFIE.

Step #2 – Write the Deck: Include information that shows the value of your free product. All of ours are educational and focused on some topic. We make this known right from the start.

Step #3 – Write the Headline: The title of your free product will suffice as a headline. If you choose to use something other than the title, make sure you include your main keywords so Google will begin to understand it’s one of your keywords.

Step #4 – Write the Subhead: This typically is the subhead of your free product, assuming that free product is a report or white paper. If it isn’t, then include more of your keyword phrases into the subhead.  Headlines and subheads carry more weight in SEO value with Google than body copy does. Make sure you include the keywords in those locations.

Step #5 – Address the audience: Let your readers know you understand what they are looking for. Call them to action in a way they will appreciate by showing how the free product will benefit them.

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Step #6 – Write the lead: Use your copywriting skills to create a lead that will intrigue and capture the reader’s attention.

Step #7 – Transform your report into paragraphs: Sort the information into easy-to-read parts.

Step #8 – Write the OFIE: Your OFIE should be short and to the point, include the call to action, display the name of the product and incorporate an image of the product your promoting.

Step #9 – Write the close: Finish off your RCLP with a recap of the information readers will learn by downloading and reading the free report.

Three more tips for creating rapid conversion landing pages

-Use long copy in your RCLP. It will give you the chance to add more keywords.

-Strive for a keyword density of between 2-4%.

-Have at least five OFIEs asking for email addresses within the RCLP.

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