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Download these three free white papers and start building more effective landing pages

It’s Free Report Friday here at Mequoda and this is the day we launch new reports, update existing ones and otherwise give stuff away to our loyal readers.

Today I’m pointing you in the direction of three free white papers from our site:

With these three white papers, you’ll learn how to to write, design and market a landing page.

Landing pages are the driving force for successful online publishers. If your landing pages are not optimized, then your marketing program is driving you nowhere.

A well-crafted landing page will maximize conversions. That means more money, more subscribers and more customers are created through optimized landing pages.

Landing page optimization requires a solid knowledge of website architecture, web page design, online copywriting and direct response testing. But you don’t need to be an expert in all of these disciplines—because we are.

In Million Dollar Landing Page Templates, our most popular white paper, you’ll discover how to boost your landing page conversion rates by 30-50%. We’ll show you how every page on your site can be optimized to drive traffic organically from search engines.

In SEO Copywriting Secrets we’ll show you how to do the keyword research necessary for Google-friendly landing pages. We’ll also teach you about copywriting for landing pages, using a creative copywriting technique called “emotional copywriting”.

In Launch a Link-Building Campaign we’ll give you all the know-how and tools necessary to start driving website traffic to your landing pages and show you why launching a link-building campaign and generating inbound links can substantially increase your search engine rank.

Download these three free white papers today and start building more effective landing pages today. We also have quite a few more over in our Free White Papers marketplace, so go take a look there too.

    Gary N.

    Thank so much for your advice on perfecting landing pages. Have to go back to the drawing board and re-do my landing page.


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