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The Best Way to Get Found in Google – Google Visibility Management

Get ranked in Google and make search engines become your largest source of targeted website traffic!

What is you greatest source of incoming traffic? Is it inbound links? Direct traffic from email newsletters? Phone-to-web leads? Maybe search engines drive a lot of traffic, but not to the pages you want?

If you are mastering these methods of driving website traffic, you have a great head start, but how well are you being found in Google with your targeted keywords? Any company can be found on page 1 with the name of their company or their brand.

Do a simple test right now.

Go to Google.com and type in one of your primary keywords. For example, if you are a food magazine, try typing in “apple pie recipe”.

Does your website come up? AllRecipes.com, FoodNetwork.com and a site that looks like it was designed in 1998 all come up. How about you?

If you have an amazing recipe for Apple Pie, it’s a shame that only your existing audience is seeing it.

When you search for something with Google, the results you get are organic. You cannot pay Google to put your results in the organic search; you can only pay for a spot on the right or at the top of the listings, which Google labels sponsored links.

Compared to organic results, sponsored results get a fraction of clicks. Users know that organic results are more likely to contain what they are looking for.


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That’s why we invented the Google Visibility Report [2].

The Google Visibility report is the lovechild of all our keyword research strategies.

It involves the full course of keyword research along with identifying where you rank on all of those keywords. It also help you determine how likely you are to be found on a keyword, based on the number of pages that are already out there.

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