La Presse+ Digital Editions Are a Success

Digital publishing news for February 6, 2014

FOLIO is reporting that La Presse+ has had a huge success with its digital edition. Jennifer Silber writes, “The free digital edition of Montreal-based daily newspaper La Presse has seen tremendous increases in the last nine months. Since its launch in April last year, the French-language newspaper’s tablet counterpart, La Presse+, has been installed on more than 400,000 iPads.” Subscribers to La Presse+ spend an average of 36 minutes in the app during the week, 46 minutes on Sundays, and 65 minutes on Saturdays.

Will the Affinity Engagement Index Kill CPM-Based Advertising?

Loren Davie asks, “How do we unlock the value of our growing digital audience?” Davie is the CEO of Axilent, a software company that builds a host of tools for publishers. In his article on Fast Company Labs he writes about wanting to get rid of CPM-based advertising for good. He proposes using something he calls the Affinity Engagement index. Davie writes, “The audience in digital media such as the web is measurable and can be analyzed far beyond the means of traditional media. It is this aspect that should be emphasized when constructing revenue models for content businesses. Instead of the old commodity model in which one audience member is as valuable as the next, the Affinity Engagement Index (AEI) model proposes to specifically show how valuable an audience segment is to an advertiser, in a way that can form the basis for a negotiation (much in the way that CPMs work now).” Davie’s new model makes a lot of sense, and you can read more about it on Fast Company Labs site.

B2B African Mining Launches Digital Magazine

Talking New Media is reporting that B2B magazine African Mining has launched a new digital edition. D.B. Hebbard writes, “African Mining comes from Brooke Pattrick Publications, and appears in the Apple Newsstand under the developer account of Digital Publications SA. The South African company makes both apps and flip books. But the app is not a replica edition, as you might expect from the maker of flipbooks. Instead it is a nice, simply native tablet edition, with layouts that allow for fonts that are a comfortable size. In other words, an easy reading tablet magazine.”

New York Times Touts Digital Subscriber Numbers

Chris O’Shea from Fish Bowl NY is reporting that,”The Times company announced that in 2013, revenue from digital only subscribers jumped 36 percent. In the fourth quarter alone, the Times added 33,000 digital subscribers for a total of 760,000.”

New Backlink Tool

There is a new back link explorer tool that we wanted to share with you. It’s called Open Link Profiler and it’s completely free. It’s very similar to Moz’s Open Site Explorer.

New Publisher Named at Meredith Agrimedia

minOnline is reporting that Scott Mortimer has been named the new publisher of the Meredith Agrimedia. Artie Patel writes, “In this new position, the Des Moines-based Mortimer will oversee the strategic direction and corporate financial contributions of both theSuccessful Farming and Living the Country Life brands and related properties. He will also continue reporting to Doug Olson, executive vice president and director of operations and business development for Meredith Corporation”


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