Email Subject Line Smackdown

The votes are in: Find out which email subject lines won.

The Email Subject Line Smackdown Tested 3 of America’s Top Copywriters on their Email Subject Line Prowess.

During this webinar, you’ll discover how your email open rates, click-throughs and revenue can soar by 50 percent in one year.

Additional, you’ll get insight and email subject line  consultation during 7 rounds of Email Subject Line Smackdown.

Dear publishing colleague,

Do you sort your postal mail over a trash basket?

Many people discard most of their commercial correspondence without ever opening it.

What about email?

Do you routinely delete unopened email messages after reading only the “subject line”?

Studies show that most people decide whether to open and read an email message based entirely on a quick glance at the sender’s address and the email subject line.

If you’re an email newsletter publisher or marketer, you have four tasks: You need to get your offer delivered, opened, read and converted.

If you’re adept at writing email subject lines that motivate readers to open your messages, read and click through to your order form, you need to get our Email Subject Line Smackdown webinar.


Invest 90 minutes discovering the secrets to email subject line creation and continuous improvement

Each member of our copywriting panel individually — without collaboration — wrote an alternative subject line that he believed would beat the submitted one.

That’s why we call it a smackdown. Each of our copywriters wrote a challenge — his best wordsmithing effort at creating an email subject line that he believed would perform better than the attendee’s submission.

During every round, each of our copywriters explained his “challenge”and why it should win

You and your audience can collectively determine which subject lines are most likely to have the best open rates.

[bttn_webinar]About our panel of copywriting experts

Peter Fogel Prior to entering the world of direct response advertising, speaker, author, and marketing consultant Peter Fogel was a TV writer in Hollywood who wrote for Tri-star International’s award-winning German sitcom, Rita’s World. During this time Peter also was also an in demand studio audience warm-up for such shows as “Married with Children”, “Chicago Sons”, “Whoopi” with Whoopi Goldberg and “The Howie Mandel Show.”

Presently, this 10-year copywriting veteran specializes in writing direct mail, web, and radio copy for the alternative health, financial and self-help markets. Clients include Early to Rise, Agora, Strategic Profits, Vital Max Vitamins, Dr. Sears, Healthier You, Hampshire Labs, Soundview Communications to name just a few. Peter is also the author of the best selling book, “If Not Now… Then When? Stories and Strategies of People Over 40 Who Have Reinvented Themselves”

His direct response articles have appeared in Inside Direct Mail and DM News, and His website is,

Mark Everett Johnson is a marketing communications specialist with over 25 years of copywriting experience including 18 years freelance. His promotion for a leading consumer health newsletter is recognized as the most successful ever created for a monthly periodical with over 4 million subscriptions sold. He previously served as creative director for a major consumer magazine and book publisher, and has won multiple awards for subscriber acquistion copy. Mark is also a sought-after speaker at industry events and for in-house training.

Peter A. Schaible is Editor-at-Large for the Mequoda Group and its chief copywriter. Prior to its merger with Mequoda, he was director of the Subscription Website Publishers Association and executive editor of, the association’s website.

Peter has extensive experience in marketing communications, including stints as an editor of newsletters for the National Exchange Carrier Association, AT&T and IBM Corporation. For more than 20 years he has been president of SunDance New Media, a marketing communications consulting firm. Previously he was director of communications for the United States Golf Association.

Peter began writing headlines at age 21 as a full-time reporter for a major New Jersey daily newspaper.

[bttn_webinar]Managing email subject line performance for top grading

During the Email Subject Line Smackdown we review the 17 most-used email subject line archetypes and explain how to do meaningful subject line continuous improvement.

The Email Subject Line Continuous Improvement Method is relatively simple — once you know the details and the logical sequence.

You’ll discover how to create an Email Performance Report that tracks mailing dates, subject line archetypes, subject lines used, and open rates.

When you sort the results with the Email Subject Line Continuous Improvement Method, you’ll see clear performance patterns.

Next you’ll learn how to interpret the patterns. Do the poorest performers indicate an archetype that doesn’t work for your audience?

Or do the poorest performers point to a copywriting technique that needs improvement, because you’re executing it poorly?

Very soon, you’ll know which archetypes perform best for your products and services.


Email Subject Line Smackdown Examples

Here are the entries from our Smackdown.

-When Elders Don’t Accept Outside Caregivers in the Home

-Share the rural life!

-One Week Only: Complete Archive Plus Bonus Gift For Only $29.95

-Character Education Made Easy!

-Everyone is Accepted for this Mastercard

-Discover How to Produce Defensible Conclusions of Value Using the Transaction Databases

-Premium CPE: Companies in Distress, Healthcare, Effect of Taxes on Value & More

Our panelists took these lines and created their own from them, siting specific reasons for each. You may be thinking that these subject lines are already strong, why change them? You will be impressed by the style and skill portrayed by our panel of copywriters.

To see the subject lines our expert panel created from these four submissions, and which lines won during the Smackdown, order the webinar today. The insightful reasons as to why each subject line was created will inspire while teaching you how to craft better headlines yourself.


Increase your online revenue by 50 percent or more

Email Subject Line Continuous Improvement is fun. Plus, it’s one of the most profitable exercises in direct marketing.

Subject line continuous improvement routinely increases results by 30-50 percent or more.

Over time, when you test, track and adjust your email subject lines, you’ll experience very gratifying results.

Publishers who follow the Email Subject Line Continuous Improvement methodology can expect to see open rates, click-through rates and revenue per thousand climb by 10-15 percent each quarter.

That can mean an annual revenue increase of 50 percent or more.

Even if you use the Email Subject Line Continuous Improvement Method only once every three months, you’re certain to reap bankable results. We call it, “Inform and go forward.”

Simply assemble all your best editors, copywriters and marketing pros for a quarterly meeting and share the results from your Email Performance Report.

Review the best and worst performing email subject lines as indicated by your Email Performance Report. Now your team has an opportunity to suggest and test their “wildest” and most creative ideas for better email subject lines — and at very little risk.

In fact, Email Subject Line Continuous Improvement is the most dynamic, lowest-risk, highest-reward activity in all of direct marketing.

That’s because if you’re sending email five times a week, or 65 times each quarter, you have ample opportunity to try a new email subject line against a previously used weak performer.

And when you beat the control, the winning email subject line can become more than 200 and even 300 percent more effective


For best results: involve, immerse and evolve.

It’s really economical to participate in the Email Subject Line Smackdown. One low price covers everybody at your location.

You’ll probably want to involve your editors, copywriters and marketing pros in the Email Subject Line Smackdown.

Immerse yourself in the details of the Email Subject Line Continuous Improvement process.

Develop and evolve your own, routine process for continuous improvement.

If you do, the Email Subject Line Continuous Improvement Method is guaranteed to pay big dividends.


Don Nicholas

Executive Director, Mequoda Group, LLC

Chief Architect, Mequoda WordPress Systems

Editor-in-Chief, Mequoda Daily Network

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