Landing Page Testing & Optimization

Simple landing page tests can make a big difference…

Landing Page Testing & Optimization: Using a Proven Testing Method for Increasing Website Conversion Rates

Discover what to measure on your landing pages and how you will profit from the results

Dear Publishing Colleague,

The secret to having successful landing pages that are properly optimized can be summed up in three words… Test, test, test.

Although that’s the same word repeated three times, the importance of its message does not change.

If landing pages aren’t constantly tested, they may not be performing to the fullest potential, which means that you’re missing out on more conversions. And these missed opportunities can range from new audience members and email subscribers to customers willing to open their wallet.

So however you look at it, you are truly missing out if you aren’t continuously testing your landing pages.

For all those wondering how to go about testing landing pages, and why it’s a valuable procedure, Landing Page Testing & Optimization will provide you with not only the reasons to test your landing pages, you will discover how to test.


Landing Page Testing & Optimization for Publishers

It’s unfortunate, but there are four major mistakes that publishers make when it comes to their landing pages. In turn, these mistakes virtually handcuff publishers, and make it nearly impossible to streamline their site for the best conversion rate possible.

The first mistake is not testing your landing pages. It goes without saying that if you don’t test, you cannot know how well your landing pages are doing. This will eliminate the possibility of improving. And according to MarketingSherpa, 68.2% of marketers saw an increase in conversions when they made changes to their landing pages.

The second mistake is not tracking your landing pages. How many conversions are you experiencing each week? How about each month? Do you even know the answer to these questions? If you aren’t using analytics programs and setting conversion goals, you will never be able to gauge the effectiveness of your landing pages.

Beyond conversions, using a program like Google Analytics will give you an idea of how well the content on your landing pages is created. If you have an excessively high bounce rate, then your content may be targeting incorrectly. Statistics for time on site will shed light on how engaged your audience is.

The third mistake is not knowing the value of a conversion. If you have multiple products, which conversion is worth more to you? Knowing this will help you focus on the most important aspects of your online business. During Landing Page Testing & Optimization you will learn about three types of conversions and how to calculate each.

The fourth mistake is not customizing your landing page. Remember, not all traffic is the same. Different traffic sources bring in different types of buyers…some are ready to buy right away and others are looking to simply begin an ongoing relationship. Your landing pages need to provide the best message for the right visitors.

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Landing Page Testing – a roadmap to success

So after diving into this topic, have you realized already that you need a lot of help with your landing page tests?

Believe me, you are not alone. Many publishers don’t test their landing pages. And most don’t realize right away how negatively impacted they can be from not testing their landing pages.

In order to bring the power back to publishers, and provide them with helpful strategies for testing, our speakers will be covering the Landing Page Testing Roadmap.

The components of the Landing Page Testing Roadmap are as follows:

-Start with an A/B Design Test

-Now Optimize Your Landing Page

-Now Try a Multi-Variate Test

These sections will take you through the steps of the design process and what should be tested in each. Here, you will also learn how to handle registration forms, navigation and creative elements within graphics, copy, layout and design.

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Multi-Variate vs. A/B Testing

Do you know the difference between multi-variate and A/B testing? Do you know how to execute each of these different tests in the best possible scenarios?

As a brief introduction to prepare you for Landing Page Testing & Optimization, A/B testing is usually used to test radically different ideas, which include testing funnels, layouts and redesigns, checkouts, signups and different conversion paths. Basically, if you want to convert the most casual visitors into email subscribers, you should use an A/B test to find the best solution.

Multi-variate testing is used to test the variables on a single page. This involves testing different content simultaneously to determine the most effective combination. The visitors to your website “vote” through the actions they take.

If you want to test headlines, images, call-to-actions, long vs. short copy and form fields, the multi-variate test is your tool.

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Your Webinar Presenters

Matt Humphrey, Chief Marketing Officer at Fortis Business Media and Rafael Cardoso, the Senior Online Marketing Manager at Business and Legal Resources, will present this live 90-minute webinar on Tuesday, August 2nd.

Both presenters are well equipped to discuss landing page optimization and testing as they’ve executed their fair share of landing page tests.

Beyond that, they’ve monitored BLR’s marketing team, which is comprised of multi-channel direct marketers who drive sales for online and print product subscriptions, paid webinars and one-shot products. Their skills are heavily found in paid and organic search engine marketing, email marketing, direct marketing, telemarketing and content marketing, including social media efforts.

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Better landing pages through testing

It’s time to stop making assumptions about your landing page performance and start testing!

Let’s face it, if you don’t test your landing pages on a normal basis, you will never truly know how they perform.

In terms of business, this equates to not knowing how well they convert, what conversions are worth the most and what components of landing pages are the most successful.

Bottom line is that testing will lead to better landing pages that are more capable of driving conversions and revenue generation.


Kim Mateus

Chief Content Officer

Mequoda Group


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