Seven Pillars of Digital Publishing Success

Discover digital publishing components for making fundamental decisions…

Seven Pillars of Digital Publishing Success

Experience the most valuable module of the Digital Publishing Bootcamp when you order this 90-minute interactive webinar at a fraction of the cost.

Dear Colleague,

It’s pretty clear already; if publishers don’t utilize a proven digital publishing strategy, they will fail. Their opportunity to offset print losses will not materialize, and they will fall victim to rapid, unforeseen change.

We are in a do-or-die time in the publishing industry, and it’s never been more exciting.

Yes, you read that correctly: Exciting.

It’s exciting to us, because as digital publishing consultants, we’ve seen what is working to generate profits for digital publishers. And we’ve seen what has resulted in failure.

To reduce the amount of failure within the industry we love, we are sharing information to help you make the right decisions that will benefit your customers and your enterprise. Before you dive down on details and mechanics, there are seven pillars that are fundamental to digital publishing success.

And due to the importance of this information, we are presenting the opportunity to experience the seven pillars of digital publishing success through an interactive webinar for $49, a fraction of the normal price.

This webinar is comprised of content from the first of nine sessions found in our three-day Digital Publishing Bootcamp, held this July in New York City.

While the three-day intensive Digital Publishing Bootcamp costs between $1,497 and $2,497, depending on when you register for the event, we are offering the webinar version of the first module for only $49. Similar programs from other publishing organizations would cost $200 or more.


What you will experience during Seven Pillars of Digital Publishing Success

Throughout the 90 minutes of this webinar, we conceptualize the seven pillars of digital publishing success, including:

Digital publishing pillar #1: Measurement – Here we address the size of your audience, your audience’s value, and revenue potential they can produce. Do you understand what your business looks like from an economic standpoint? How does the number of subscribers, fans or followers compare to other businesses in your niche and other niches? Comparisons and analysis will help you measure the success of your current digital publishing activities, and propose an image of what it could be.

Digital publishing pillar #2: Content – All digital publishers recognize their domain expertise, but they don’t all understand the various platforms they can use to distribute content; this includes different platforms used to generate revenue and build an audience. Recognizing how these relate to one another is imperative as well.

Most digital publishers generate the bulk of their audience through free content, and the majority of revenue through premium information products. For those who are not used to this strategy, it can be confusing at first. One of the key factors is to pay attention to organizational impact; how content is used to drive audience engagement, generate revenue, and dictate the terms of audience development staffing versus editorial staffing.

This pillar of digital publishing introduces you to a radically new way to bring content to market.


Digital publishing pillar #3: Community – Who does your content appeal to? Our revised audience pyramid consists of three levels: occasional visitors with no commitment to your community; affinity subscribers who make a significant commitment to follow you and align with your content; and buyers, who are aligned with your brand and spend money on your products and services. Buyers typically make up 5-25% of your entire audience.

To serve your community, you need to understand it at large; how it manifests in Google, Twitter, and Facebook, and how community subsets will collect around you. The mechanics of how relationships relate to one another will help you maintain and measure them.

Digital publishing pillar #4: Commerce – The big question for all digital publishers is: How are you going to make money? Choosing the right business models for you organization and setting revenue expectations that are relevant dictates your possibility for success.

One of the hardest things about the media business is determining the right business model for your organization. With 12 models to follow, it can be confusing, and if you don’t follow them exactly, it’s likely that you are misinterpreting their actions. During this webinar you will better understand all 12 models, and learn to understand which models your mentors and competitors are using. Then you’ll be able to adopt and test best practices from other successful businesses that are most likely to work for you.


Digital publishing pillar #5: Findability – In terms of being found, you need to understand that concepts are now extending into social media. Your job is to make it easier for your customer to find you. During this 90-minute webinar, we discuss how to plug into major communities to make it more likely that your website and social media pages will be found.

Digital publishing pillar #6: Usability – In today’s digital publishing world, success comes in part from creating a website where people can understand the experience you are going to offer them.

In this pillar, we explore what has become a standard convention of terminology and global navigation that lets a single brand build a single url which includes affinity and premium products through subscriptions and single purchases.

A successful digital publishing website allows users to find all the things you produce as a brand; even if some of the content is being made available in some other format (live event, TV, etc.) or physical products.

Digital publishing pillar #7: Shareability – This pillar encompasses all the ways you can distribute your minimum information unit, including traditional print products like magazines and books to the most cutting-edge social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Beyond the distribution methods, you must do it efficiently with limited resources, in a workflow system that won’t kill your staff. The 21st century distribution system for your content are discussed during this 90-minute webinar on-demand or on CD.


Understand opportunities for digital publishers, at a discounted price

We are providing this high-level webinar on digital publishing at a severely reduced price because we feel the need to get this information in the hands of people who will benefit from it.

Educating digital publishers is our mission, and we believe it can be adequately fulfilled with this 90-minute webinar.

And frankly, the digital transformation taking place is a genuine paradigm shift. Understanding the seven pillars is the difference between existing and failing as a digital publisher. It is time to implement a proven digital publishing strategy or get driven into obscurity.

Now, for the first time ever, we are offering this revolutionizing information as a discounted webinar. Discover the seven pillars of digital publishing success; prepare yourself for the upcoming live event in July, and save thousands of dollars in the process.


Kim Mateus
Chief Content Officer, and Your Webinar Host
Mequoda Group

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