Digital Publishing Platforms: Launches, Acquisitions, Reorgs

Talking New Media tracks the latest news in digital publishing platforms: smartphones, apps, websites, executive changes

Deft use of digital publishing platforms is a must for magazines looking to solidify their place in the industry. Thanks to astute observers like Talking New Media, we can monitor trends as they’re taking shape.

Here are five headlines from one of our favorite sources of information.

Smartphone Publishing Continues to Trend Upward

A recent survey revealed that mobile is the once and future favorite when it comes to digital publishing platforms.

“According to Deloitte’s 2013 Consumer Media Survey mobile is gaining momentum. The survey stated, ‘Of smartphone users, 32% say they use their device to read news articles every day or at least once a week, and that figure rises to more than half for tablet owners.’ It’s therefore important that publishers cater for readers across all platforms,” Lucy Penn of PageSuite writes in Talking New Media.

“Of the people surveyed, 16% had a publication that was ‘digital only’ whilst 77% made their publication available in print and digital formats. Just under 14% stated that they have plans to make their publication ‘digital only’ at some stage.”

Meanwhile, 65% of respondents indicated a desire to combine static PDF content with the more fashionable feed model. PageSuite has also studied publishers’ responses to wearable tech, and they have been cautious. Just 13% responded that wearables “will” come into play in their plans.

Gannett Riding High With Recent Acquisitions

Gannett’s digital revenue is on the rise – to the tune of 85% after acquisitions of and, Talking New Media reports. Broadcast is also up, while publishing has fallen off by 8.8%. It’s now spinning off as its own company.

Time Inc. Launches Southern Living App on Newsstand

The Apple Newsstand gained a prominent new title this week, as Time Inc. has deployed a free Southern Living recipes app in what Talking New Media calls a conservative but smart move.

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Wall Street Journal Goes Responsive Redesign Route

The Wall Street Journal is the latest publisher to redesign its site with responsive principles, Talking New Media reports.

“The new site is much more visual in nature, showcasing our multimedia reporting, while improving our site performance in the process,” Editor-in-Chief Gerald Baker wrote in the company’s announcement.

“We have also overhauled our market-data tool with a sleek new design that integrates data points critical to the modern investor. Most important, the overall news experience is streamlined and consistent across every device, wherever you may be.”

Leader in Digital Publishing Platforms Reorganizes, Refocuses

One of our preferred digital publishing platforms, Mag+, has announced that founder and former CEO Staffan Ekholm will return to the CEO spot, replacing Gregg Hano.

Ekholm will work in Stockholm, while co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Mike Haney will stay in New York, Talking New Media reports. The company continues to release digital magazines, but is also focusing on corporate communications.

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