Mequoda Tops 30,000 in January

3 best practices for increasing website traffic

January 2012 has been a record setting month for Mequoda Daily.

As a small B2B company, it can be hard to reach specific milestones since most are resourced at a smaller level. However, this past month has yielded more significant results than usual, and it is due to some slight changes that many can implement easily.

Today, instead of talking about my normal email beat, I’m going to discuss the highlights of our recent endeavors and describe the process that has led to an increase in website traffic.

As digital publishing consultants who provide audience development training and services to successful publishers, we see ourselves operating in a fishbowl. Every time we acknowledge tangible results based on specific strategies and backed by data, we feel the need to share with the Mequoda community. So instead of simply sharing the news in-house through an internal press release, here is how we’ve significantly increased website traffic.

Three tips for boosting website traffic

Tip #1 for boosting website traffic: Attention to website architecture. Optimized content and a free report marketplace are main reasons we consistently build our email marketing list. We’ve analyzed the data and targeted specific terms that are unique to our business niche. The help of OFIEs, OFINs, and floaters have assisted in this process.

Targeting different terms and allotting time and space to the topics we considered integral to our consulting services have helped define and focus our content and associated promotional activities. These types of changes have been backed by data from our Google Visibility Report (GVR).


Tip #2 for boosting website traffic: Email best practices. We’ve seen a steady increase in website traffic from our email newsletters since we changed the formatting back in October. Before the change, we were emailing one feature email article each day. Now, we are emailing a thematic email newsletter that consists of six related snippets. Four of these snippets link back to articles while two link to existing landing pages – one being the sales letter landing page of a webinar while the other is a rapid conversion landing page for a free report download. More content has certainly led to more traffic going to our website.

Tip #3 for boosting website traffic: Updated Twitter Publishing Strategy. Last month we started implementing a new Twitter publishing strategy perfect for online editors. Since we have audience members on a global scale, we started to tweet all six of our snippets in different time zones, focusing on popular times for each. Next, we’ve created an additional unique tweet for snippet. This has increased our Twitter publishing significantly without sending the same tweets over and over.

We also started publishing tweets on the weekend, which we hadn’t been doing as a B2B company. We decided to do this, as many of our audience members are entrepreneurs who are likely working on weekends. We’ve referred to some of these tweets are content “from the archive” and have been tweeting links to some of our most popular articles from the past.

My goal for February is to keep this momentum going with the release of our new free report Digital Magazine Publishing Strategy Basics. If you’ve yet to download this 42-page report, do so now, and please share the link with to the free report with anyone who is actively working in the digital publishing industry. We believe the information will be helpful to them.

Have you recently increased website traffic? What techniques did you use to do so? We’d love to read your tips in the comments below.


    Thanks Stuart. I will certainly share my Twitter strategy in an upcoming post. I am expecting to release it in a new free report as well.



    Hi Jose,

    Thanks for the kind words. We are glad you find our content helpful.


    Stuart H.

    Congrats to the Mequoda Team. This is impressive, and it is great that you share your success metrics and strategies with us. I did not follow your Twitter strategy – “…we started to tweet all six of our snippets in different time zones…created an additional unique tweet for snippet…”. May be you can explain this further in an upcoming blog post or article so I can share with our food and craft teams. Thanks!


    Congratulations on your success, and thank you for the releasing the secrets to your success.


    Nice work!

    Audience development is the key to audience and revenue growth.

    A terrific way to start 2012!



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