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Client consultation opportunities available

As I mentioned yesterday, the Mequoda Team has been re-structuring my consulting programs over the past 18 months. Our new Minimum Consulting Unit is a two-hour quarterly WebEx meeting, which anchors a Mequoda Gold Membership Program that costs just $300 per month.

While the discussions I have with my clients take many forms, they do tend to run along a number of common themes. Our Research Team has developed a number of checklists that we use when we teach sessions at live events. They also form the backbone of many consulting conversations.

Here’s a look at the 6 checklists I use most often:

-44 steps for launching a successful special-interest media business

-41 ways to build email circulation

-29 ways to increase targeted website traffic


-14 ways to improve website usability and profits

-12 ways to improve email newsletter performance

-12 ways to improve landing page conversion rates

I also spend a lot of time with clients talking about new product development, organizational structure and financial forecasting for the purpose of clarity and corporate support.

If you’re reading this, and you’re not already one of my 21 consulting clients, I’d be happy to schedule a no obligation 30 minute call to discuss how we might be able to help you run a more successful special interest media business. To schedule the call, contact Kim Mateus at 401-293-0401 or Kim@Mequoda.com. Kim will explain all the benefits of becoming a Mequoda Gold Member and schedule a time for us to chat about your business needs.


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