Live Coverage: Mequoda Summit Session 8 – Creating a Management Dashboard

Learn the 11 Key Metrics Every Online Business Manager Should Know

In this session, Don talked about the key metric management dashboard than every online manager should have. With this dashboard, you are able to see on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, your successes and failures.

Mequoda Summit attendees received a comprehensive template of this management dashboard, which is incredibly invaluable, so here at the Daily, we’ll simply do a brief review.

These 11 main management key metrics include:

  1. Google Visibility Index
  2. Google Search Impressions
  3. Inbound Links
  4. % Conversions to Email Subscriber
  5. Average Email Subscribers
  6. Revenue per M Email Sent
  7. Website Pages
  8. Revenue per M Page Views
  9. Leads Generated
  10. Revenue per Lead
  11. Online Media Index

You live these numbers every day, and you might not even know it. Since there are so many numbers to look at, you are managing by exception, looking for warning lights and only diving in when necessary.


Since the strategy behind each of these numbers is a big part of what some of our valued Summit attendees paid for, we won’t be revealing it all here. If you’re interested, please stay tuned to register for the next Mequoda Summit or contact Kim Mateus to schedule a workshop with Don where he will explain and create a management key metrics dashboard for your company.

Valuable tools that Don and attendees mentioned during this session:

Copyscape – website that will tell you who is copying content on your site
Yahoo! Site Explorer – find out how many inbound links you have
Google Analytics – free website analytics software

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