Multiplatform Publishers Adding Game-Changing Talent

Apple hires its first editor-in-chief; Multiplatform publishers Real Simple and Condé Nast add strength to their teams

Our reporting on multiplatform publishers leveraging new personnel for success continues today with news on Apple, Real Simple, and Condé Nast.

We begin with Apple, who has hired its first editor-in-chief.  Folio: reports, “Lauren Kern is leaving New York Magazine for a role as editor-in-chief of Apple News, the nascent digital news platform which currently curates other outlets’ news for iPhone users around the world, Folio: has confirmed.”


“Kern, who has been executive editor since 2014, will finish up at New York on June 2, according to a memo obtained by CNN. She also worked at the magazine from 2004 to 2010, with time in between at New York Times Magazine.”

It appears this move sets Apple up to be an even stronger parter to multiplatform publishers. “Like Facebook and Google, Apple has positioned itself as a partner to news organizations, rather than a competitor. Publications can sell their own ads within Apple News, or partner with Apple for ad sales. They also have a web-based editing tool and share metrics on reader engagement.”

Our next story focuses on a industry expert leaving Condé Nast for Garden & Gun Magazine, LLC. AdWeek reports, “After two and a half decades with Condé Nast, most recently as executive director of finance and operations for Allure magazine, Kevin Donovan has joined Garden & Gun Magazine LLC as the company’s first-ever CFO.”

Multiplatform publishers like Gun & Garden Magazine have numerous properties for Donovan to work with.  “At the Dewberry Hotel in Charleston, G&G has opened a pair of adjacent, flagship Fieldshop boutiques, separately called Hunt and Gather. All in all, the magazine has put together a rich portfolio of brand extensions for Donovan to play with and, eventually, add to.”

Our last news story of the day focuses on expansion taking place at Real Simple. Talking New Media reports, “Time Inc.’s REAL SIMPLE today appointed Jerry Leu to Video Director, Katie Holdefehr to Senior Editor for and Elizabeth Sile to Senior Editor, Features, effective immediately. Leu and Holdefehr join Time Inc. from Apartment Therapy, and Sile joins from REAL SIMPLE’s sister brand Departures. Leu reports to Cory Calhoun, Executive Producer, Lifestyle Group; Holdefehr reports to Laura Schocker, Digital Director,; and Sile reports to Sara Austin, Executive Editor.

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