Multiplatform Publishing Organizations: People on the Move

Time Inc. C-suite executives out; Bloomberg and the Weekly Standard make changes

We see lots of changes take place at multiplatform publishing organizations over the years. This often is the case as proven talent is picked up by competitors, or new talent is brought in to help with the transition between print and digital.

Today we have a mix of job changes to share with you.

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First, as reported by Folio, we’re seeing two c-suite executes changing roles at Time Inc. “Mark Ellis, president and COO of sales and marketing, will leave his post on March 1 after just over a year on the job. A replacement hasn’t been named.”

The article continues with the other job change. “Mark Ford, CRO of Time Inc., will step down and assume the title of EVP and senior strategic sales advisor. This move, effective Jan. 9, comes amid reports of conflict between Ford and CEO Rich Battista.”

“Ford is succeeded by Brad Elders, currently president of digital sales. Elders, who previously worked at AOL, joined Time Inc. in April 2016 as group publisher of Sports Illustrated Group. He was promoted to president of sales in July, just as Time Inc. eliminated the publisher position at individual titles in favor of a “One Time Inc.” sales model.”

These changes come amidst multiple restructurings for this major multiplatform publishing organization this year.

There are also changes taking place within titles under the Time Inc. brand. According to another Folio article, “Time Inc.’s Real Simple has poached two from Hearst’s Cosmopolitan, amid unconfirmed rumors of editorial unification at multiple Hearst titles, including the eminent sex and lifestyle vertical.”

“On January 3, Sara Austin will join Real Simple as executive editor, from her role as senior deputy editor at Cosmo. Before Cosmo, Austin was features director of Self and senior news editor at Marie Claire.”

In addition to the change in executive editor, a new design director is coming to Real Simple from Cosmo. “Danielle Jones joins as design director from her role as art director at Cosmo. She previously worked as associate art director on the launch of Dr. Oz the Good Life Magazine and at Glamour. Jones replaces Abbey Kuster-Prokell, who joined Real Simple in 2010 as art director.”

We’re seeing talent getting scooped up by competitors, and this time it’s including Bloomberg Media. The Observer reports that, “…former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg, who has long been known to crave the reach and authority of the New York Times for his own media empire, has lured away star New York Times writer Joe Nocera. In an official announcement tomorrow, it will be revealed that Nocera is taking a senior position at Bloomberg Media.”

The article continues, “According to a source close to the negotiation and confirmed by another source within Bloomberg, a week ago, Nocera emailed Mike Bloomberg personally and “within 18 hours” Nocera was contacted and an exit from the Times and a soft landing at Bloomberg were being negotiated.”

We’ll continue to keep you up to date on major job changes that take place within major multiplatform publishing organizations.


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