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The Mequoda System is based on four Open Content Standards, and Mequoda Group is the organization that moderates, documents and promotes these standards.

In 2011, the Mequoda System Open Content Standards have been updated  through extensive research and testing to provide a solid foundation for starting and running a successful online media business. These standards allow online publishers to build audiences while catering to the subscribers’ needs and desires.

The 4 Mequoda System Open Content Standards for 2011

#1 – Content Driven: Mequoda editors publish daily website content to all without obligation. Mequoda System Open Communities publish 5-7 days each week, depending upon their audience.

#2 – Google Friendly: Google indexes Mequoda System website article headlines within 24 hours of publication. If an organization can search in Google for an article’s headline within 24 hours of its publication and retrieve it, then the website is considered Google friendly. This means a website is following enough of the 200 factors that make up Google’s algorithm to entice the search engine bots to visit the site daily and award posts a visible ranking.

#3 – Subscriber Centric: Mequoda System editors encourage users to follow their web updates via email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and RSS. These social communities allow Mequoda System editors to communicate with their audiences in a more personal way.

#4 – Many Platforms: Mequoda System editors make their branded content available online, off-line and via live events. Online a Mequoda System should offer hundreds of free articles and downloads. Offline media should be collectable, as ownership is a hallmark of offline media. This content can be accessed while off the grid and can range from print products to digital apps that do not require being connected to the web. In-person events (seminars, conferences and consulting) allow Mequoda System editors to get up close and personal with their most engaged community members.

Ask yourself if your publishing endeavors involve those four standards. If you answered “Yes”, then you run a Mequoda Content Marketing System. If you aspire to run this type of system, then our standards and best practice tips will help you operate in the right direction.

If you are operating a system that fits these standards, know that you are not alone. In fact, you’re among a knowledgeable minority of online editors, marketers and publishers who have successes and failures to share.

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Mequoda System Standards Survey

Throughout 2009, the Mequoda Research Team conducted an extensive survey of over 2,000 US media websites. The survey revealed that less than 8% of those media websites studied were compliant with the four Mequoda System Open Content Standards outlined above.

Today, however, the Mequoda Open Content Standards are becoming more common as the associated best practices are driving website traffic, building communities and generating revenue for the publishers.

Two very different examples of publishers following Mequoda Open Content Standards

Men’s Health: The world’s largest men’s magazine brand covers fitness, nutrition and lifestyle topics through daily email newsletters, websites, books, branded apps and live Urbanathlon Festivals.

Dark Daily: A hyper-focused B2B media empire that supports the Mequoda Open Content Standards through a daily email newsletter, free white papers, audio conferences and live seminars.

A welcoming community of online editors, marketers and publishers

With over 35,000 registered members worldwide, Mequoda Group is a welcoming bunch of passionate content creators, marketers and publishers. If you follow these four community standards, you should join as well… No need to worry if you are doing things a little differently, come on down. We are sure you will get something out of our content, whether you attend a live event or a webinar, there are hundreds of best practices through out the four core values.

Do you follow the Mequoda Open Content Standards?

If you are running a Mequoda System, join 80-plus editors, marketers and executives who believe in the superiority of community-driven marketing at the Mequoda Summit East 2011 in Boston, September 13 – 16th, 2011.


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