Multiplatform Publishing Efforts Lead to Traffic and Revenue Increases

Rodale’s multiplatform publishing strategy finds success with Facebook’s Instant Articles; Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages drive traffic; Medium launches subscription service

A diverse multiplatform publishing strategy can lead to many desirable outcomes, including a bigger audience, higher website traffic, and more revenue generation.

Today we highlight three publishers realizing these outcomes. We begin with Rodale, which has been using Facebook’s Instant Articles to generate more revenue. Publishing Executive reports, “After an initial test with Men’s Health, the company launched six more publications on Instant Articles and is now monetizing its content on the platform through three methods: Direct Ad Sales, Programmatic Ad Sales, and Branded Content Distribution.”

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According to the article, Rodale has been using a three-part Instant Articles strategy focused on direct ad sales, backfilling direct sales with programmatic, and boosting branded content. Here’s a look at how two of these parts have performed. “Publishers can sell ads directly on Instant Articles, which enables them to keep 100% of the revenue that’s earned. Rodale pitched being part of Instant Articles as part of the company’s overall run of network and run of site packages. “CTRs are higher with direct sold ads on Instant Articles. The format provides a nice clean design environment, and we’re pleased with what we’ve seen in engagement and audience growth,” says Sanchez. Rodale focuses most of its Instant Article monetization strategy on this method.”

“Rodale is getting extra exposure for its branded content – and it’s own brand – through Facebook Instant Articles. “Advertisers are really interested in sponsoring our healthy lifestyle content, onsite or in Instant Articles. We find that our branded content even gets picked up by our syndication partners.” says Sanchez.”

Next we move to Google, which has been using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to drive more traffic as part of publishers’ audience development and multiplatform strategy. Is AMP Google’s answer to Facebook’s Instant Articles? The Verge reports, “According to an Adobe Analytics report released today, top publishers in the United States now see 7 percent of their traffic coming in through Google’s fast-loading AMP.”

“Google launched AMP last February after a four-month technical preview, the project initially being described as the company’s take on Facebook’s Instant Articles. Like Facebook, the company tied up deals with a number of publishers — including The Guardian, The New York Times, and The Verge’s parent company, Vox Media — so that major news sites would load almost instantaneously when viewed from Google search on mobile.”

Finally, we move to Medium, which has launched its subscription service. The Verge reports, “At the moment, the service isn’t offering subscribers much beyond the knowledge that their money is going directly to writers. Medium says it will direct all revenue from “those who sign up in the first few months” straight to writers and publishers, so the company won’t be taking a cut for the time being.”

“Eventually, Medium does plan to start offering new features to subscribers. It says they’ll get exclusive stories and early access to a new Medium interface, which involves human-curated reading lists. Paying subscribers will also get the ability to save stories for offline reading.”

“Medium began emailing some users about its membership program this afternoon, saying that it’s first launching signups with “a limited number of people.” But the membership website is public, and it seems that anyone can access it.”

Multiplatform strategy success comes with proper alignment and meeting the audience where they already are. We’ll continue to share pertinent multiplatform news when it’s available.


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