Online Circulation Is Up, but So Is Meredith’s Print Performance

Allrecipes sees rate base jump, but what about the rest of the industry’s online circulation? Plus, two companies hit paydirt with paywalls.

We’re not digital-and-damn-the-torpedoes here at Mequoda, believe it or not. While digital magazines are our focus, we believe there’s room for print in multi-platform publishing; while Mequoda Members approach us to help them transition to a mobile and desktop existence, many retain their print properties and find success in doing so. But what about those rare breeds who go from digital to print? Allrecipes, a Meredith title, is one such example, and they’re flourishing with an increased rate base. More and more publishers, however, are focusing on online circulation, and audit houses continue to refine their reporting mechanisms.

Folio covers these stories and others with recent articles. Let’s take a look at what they’ve learned.

Online Circulation Climbs, Slowly but Steadily

Online circulation is up 2.6% for digital magazines audited in both 2014 and 2015, according to findings from the Alliance for Audited Media. The biggest winners were Allrecipes, Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle, New York, and National Geographic Traveler, Folio reports.

“Digital circulation was more common among BPA’s titles. The firm doesn’t release exact circulation figures, but says digital issues accounted for 25.7 percent of all qualified circulation through the end of last year, up from 24 percent in the previous period,” writes Michael Rondon. “It also says nearly 44 percent of its 550-plus brands reported at least some digital readership.”


Meredith Title Allrecipes Sees Another Rate Base Boost

Meredith is a paragon of multi-platform publishing, with success in both print and digital while innovating how digital magazines distribute content and home in on niche audiences. Allrecipes has emerged as one of the company’s star performers, with a twist: It has gone from emphasizing digital to emphasizing print, and now Folio reports that the title is increasing its rate base, a rarity among print publications.

The September/October 2015 edition will see a rate base of 1.25 million, representing a 150% increase since its launch in November of 2013, Folio reports. The industry norm is a 2.2% decrease in print circulation, according to AAM.

Piano Media and Tinypass Join Forces for Digital Paywall Company

Paywalls have become a go-to for publishers looking for more content monetization, and two services have merged to form a major paywall provider for digital magazines.

Tinypass and Piano Media, the latter of which acquired Press+ last year, are now Piano, Folio reports. Combined, they generate about $40 million in revenue and work for upward of 1,200 media companies.

“It’s obvious to everyone in our industry that the display-advertising-only model for content is broken,” Tinypass and now Piano CEO Trevor Kaufman said in a statement.

“Combining Piano Media and Tinypass puts us in an incredible position, not only to continue to address the fundamental software challenges faced by the media business—like managing users, getting good data, and tracking entitlements across the web, apps, and traditional media – but to help them innovate entirely new models as well.”

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