Report on Top Social Publishers From MPA

Latest Magazine Media 360° numbers reflect performance from first half of 2016 for social publishers

Which social publishers are performing especially well as of the first half of 2016? Well, the Association of Magazine Media 360° is glad we asked – they recently released their latest Social Media Report, which covers the top magazines across all social networks in terms of likes and followers, as well as the top on each channel.

In addition, they delve into the editorial categories – or, in the parlance of Mequoda Members, niches – are gaining the most traction on respective sites.

Per the MPA’s Social Media Report, Instagram is the fastest growing of the social media platforms for magazine media and, for the first time, surpassed Twitter in total Likes/Followers among magazine brands participating in the Social Media Report.

Overall, Facebook continues to dominate the social media landscape, with more than twice as many Likes for magazine media pages than Twitter Followers of the same brands. While Facebook added 23 million new page Likes, Instagram was not far behind with 21 million new Followers. For perspective, the other three social media covered in the report added 19 million new Likes/Followers combined.

“We continue to see extremely impressive engagement with magazine media brands on social media, continuing to prove that consumers enjoy our members’ content in every format,” MPA President and CEO Linda Thomas Brooks said in a statement.


“Magazine media brands are experts in knowing what type of content works best on each unique platform and consumers seek the magazine media content they love on every new platform.”

The only media industry to capture and report brands’ social media performance across networks, the Social Media Report incorporates data from 37 companies, tallies certain measures of social media for the quarter ended June 30, 2016 and reports changes by network and magazine brand compared to prior quarter for Facebook Page Likes, Twitter Followers, Instagram Followers, Google+ Followers, and Pinterest Followers, according to SocialFlow.

The common denominator for these successful magazines is the fact that they have a strong social media strategy in place, a regimen that finds them posting with regularity, and a nice mix of tone and approach.

You can accomplish this, too. Sure, you may not have the reach of a National Geographic or Vogue, but you can build audience to levels that will lead to a boost in traffic and, if you play your cards right, an increase in conversions and revenue, too. To do so, you need staff, methodology, discipline, savvy, and analytics.

In other words, we’re convinced that social works, but only if you work for it.

Now, let’s take a look at that list!

Top 10 Magazines on Social Media (Total Likes and Followers Across All Networks)

1. National Geographic Magazine (85,147,960)

2. ESPN The Magazine (57,844,538)

3. National Geographic (54,490,063)

4. Vogue (35,123,753)

5. The Economist (32,577,942)

6. Time (32,398,888)

7. Playboy (23,130,661)

8. Forbes (18.694,187)

9. National Geographic Traveler (17,098,863)

10. People (16,758,259)

Do you number yourself among social publishers? Which platform is performing best for you? Let us know in the comments!

To read more about social publishers and other industry news, visit the Association of Magazine Media.


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