Sauerberg Talks Subscription Pricing and Tech at Conde Nast

Photo: Conde Nast

Photo: Conde Nast

Crain’s New York recently had a chat with the President of Condé Nast, Bob Sauerberg, to talk magazine subscription pricing.

The conversation is so Mequoda that you’d think they were discussing this all over a lunch at the Intensive. In regards to pricing, Sauerberg says: “We’re shifting from selling a print subscription for a low price to [selling] all access to our content for a higher price. And we’re in the early days of what that higher price is going to be.” As you know, we’re all about bundling all-access subscriptions, especially when intelligently priced.


Just like us, he also believes magazines need to charge what they’re worth. In regards to one specific $20+ price jump, Sauerberg notes, “The New Yorker’s price increases have been wildly successful from a business perspective. And their subscription business has grown so significantly over the last few years that it’s rivaling advertising in terms of its revenue stream. So thank you for paying the big price. You’ll be seeing more of that.”

It’s a great interview that touches on many topics, so please read the rest.



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