Subscription Website News: Redesigns, Revenue and Artificial Intelligence

This week’s subscription website news shines a light on new marketing initiatives and revenue generated by successful subscription services 

We’re seeing that subscription website news takes on some interesting dimensions early on in 2017.

The first story, filled with some intriguing insight for subscription and digital marketers, features Aiden — a digital marketer created with artificial intelligence. PSFK has the story, and discusses the use of Aiden. “How does Aiden work? It vigilantly observes multiple dashboards of information a marketing team has at their disposal. The team can ask Aiden a simple question about website’s traffic, top performing social media platform or where a recent spike of activity is coming from. When the information is reviewed, the program makes suggestions on what the team should do next. What’s more, the team can communicate to the program through multiple social networks such as Skype, email or text message.”

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The article continues by sharing the future of Aiden and it’s connection to the world of subscription websites. “Those interested in having Aiden join their team can request early access on the app website. The team behind the AI plan create a subscription model next year.”

Next, we move on to a successful subscription service presented by Adobe. Five years ago Adobe was only seeing a small amount of its revenue coming through subscriptions.  Back then, subscriptions accounted for only 11% of the company’s revenue. Today the company’s subscription revenue accounts for 78%. Diginomica has the story, and discussed elements that have led to this success. “At the heart of this success is Creative Cloud, which chalked up full-year revenue of $3.2 billion, a 38% year-on-year growth rate. Narayen says the important thing to note here is that the Creative Cloud business is as much about new customers as it is about migrating the core on-premise user base.”

The article continues with a few words about Adobe and AI. “Adobe’s success has been a result of our ability to predict the future. While others are jumping on the machine learning and AI bandwagon, these capabilities have been the foundation of our innovation for decades. Our engineers and scientists are squarely focused on harnessing the massive volume of content and data assets captured in our cloud solutions to tackle today’s complex experience challenges.”

Finally, we’re seeing a website redesign from Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) that includes changes to its portal services. Publishers Weekly has the story. “According to the organization, the new web portal, called Social Link, offers members the ability to build detailed member profiles and connect with one other across an integrated online networking platform. Increased collaboration links members with relevant discussion forums, experts, and membership benefits.”

The article continues, “In addition to the new Social Link technology, IBPA also revamped its membership levels. Rather than offering only two broad categories of membership—one for publishers and one for non-publishers—IBPA now offers various levels for future publishers, author publishers, independent publishers, and publisher partners.”

We’re sure to see a lot of changes to subscription marketing and websites this year, and we’ll continue to report on them here.


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