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Using a Unique Style of Copywriting Called “Fascinations” to Mesmerize Readers and Drive Sales

Landing Page Design Tips: Want to know a secret? Of course, you do. Everyone loves secrets. As Homo sapiens we always want what we can’t have and that includes desiring an edge over our competitors or discovering some nugget of information that’ll add value to all facets of our lives; whether its business, financial, personal or dealing with our health.

Aspire Media’s Interweave Press Acquires GEMS Group from Primedia, Inc.

Interweave Press, LLC increases its footprint in the beading and jewelry markets with its acquisition of sixty year-old Lapidary Journal as well as Step by Step Beads, Step by Step Wire Jewelry, Colored Stone magazine, and related events for jewelry making and beading enthusiasts.

America’s Test Kitchen Mequoda Case Study

How America’s Test Kitchen’s Revenues have Grown from About $15 million to an Estimated $46 million in Just Five Years… Shouldn’t you be Using the Same Strategy for Selling your Information Products on the Internet? Doesn’t your Job Depend on it?

Chris Kimball, CEO of Boston Common Press, is master of what we now call multiplatform publishing. Chris has gone from a publishing a single cooking magazine, Cook’s Illustrated to a growing media empire that spans books, another print magazine, books, membership websites, a TV Show on PBS, email newsletters and DVDs.

How to Include an Online Offer in Your Offline Products

When selling a product through the retail channel, always give buyers your URL and a reason to visit to your website. Include, for example, an offer—either implied or overt—that encourages, requests, or requires the buyer to go to your site, a particular landing page, or an exclusive URL.

Publishing Luminaries to Gather and Speak in Boston on September 14 & 15 for the Mequoda Summit 2006

Bristol, RI August 10, 2006 – Publishing luminaries from the B2B and B2C sector will gather in Boston on September 14 & 15, 2006, to share tips, techniques and secrets for transforming their single media brands into niche media empires at the third annual Mequoda Summit.

The Daily Reckoning Mequoda Case Study

Agora Financial Network: Understanding the Seven Strategies that Drive the World’s Most Successful Special-Interest Website Network

The Mequoda Group estimates that the Agora Financial Network will post top-line revenues for 2006 of $55 million, with $41 million being generated online. This makes each of its 500,000 domestic subscribers worth about $82.

IMDb Media Network Case Study

Internet Movie Database: The screen’s big scene

By its own declaration, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is a HUGE collection of movie information. Its database catalogs every pertinent detail about a movie — which actors were in it, who produced and directed it, filming locations for it, trivia about it, even where you can find reviews and fan sites elsewhere on the web. IMDb presents all that information and more in a manner that is easily accessible and searchable. In fact, IMDb is the Web’s most comprehensive, authoritative, and, best of all, free source of information on movies and the film industry. It’s a favorite of hardcore film fans, industry professionals, random moviegoers, and trivia aficionados — all of whom appreciate a serious resource that can also be fun. So grab some popcorn and settle in. It’s show time! Brand Marketing Website Case Study, a Very Successful Brand Site, Chose a Target Audience, Explored the Audience’s Needs, Determined Their Own Business Goals, and Designed a Smash Hit of a Site

The first question everyone asks: “Why would anyone go to” This is because we mostly think of the Web as a distribution vehicle. We think of ordering books at Amazon, or reading content at CNN, or downloading music from MTV. How do you drink a soda on a computer screen?

Three Website Design Tips from Membership Website

Mequoda has previously covered the Boston Common Press’s media network in America’s Test Kitchen Media Network Case Study by Jane E. Zarem. The membership website (and print magazine) Cook’s Illustrated is an important part of the business strategy. With 80,000 paid online subscribers, this site’s recipe is worth a try.

Forbes Media Network Mequoda Case Study

Creating the World’s Most Popular Website for Entrepreneurial Capitalists

With 2006 revenues estimated at more than $510 million, up from an estimated $460 million for 2005, the newly formed Forbes Media Network is on a roll.

Forbes Media currently includes print, online conferences, radio and TV properties. At this time, an estimated $330 million still comes from the American edition of Forbes Magazine, however, senior executives Steve Forbes and Jim Spanfeller both tell Mequoda that online publishing revenues will pass print in 2008 or 2009—if the current growth rates for both print (up 6% for 2006) and online (up 57% for 2006) hold for 2007, 2008 and 2009. Website Design Review has Earned High Marks in Relationship Building and Readability. Other Areas Such as Community Building Display a Good Infrastructure that Could Really be Impressive with a Little More Promotion.
Mequoda has previously covered the Boston Common Press’s media network in America’s Test Kitchen Media Network Case Study by Jane E. Zarem. The membership website (and print magazine) Cook’s Illustrated is an important part of the business strategy. Here we’ll review the design and usability of the membership website With 120,000 paid online subscribers, this site’s recipe is worth a try.

Job Posting: VP Consumer Marketing

Job Posting from Aspire Media.

They’re looking for a VP of Consumer Marketing, someone who can provide leadership and strategic direction to managers of the company’s consumer marketing departments, which include Web marketing, circulation marketing, direct-to-consumer sales of books and consumer events

If you, or someone you know, would fit that description, please read on.

Website Design Lessons From Cook’s Illustrated

Week after week, our editorial staff gets together to forage through the Internet looking for ideas and examples that could help our readers make their subscription websites more effective. In the process we often find ourselves getting on one soapbox or another, proving, once again, that there’s a lot of room for improvement out there. With the holidays fast approaching, we turned our attention to the many food and wine websites on the web, looking for the best subscription-driven website for cooking aficionados—a challenging field for generating subscription revenues as there are so many free recipe sources out there.

Four Website Design Tips from

On December 8, 2005, AOL’s expected press release announcing the launch of the new entertainment site,, hit the buzz-makers.

The commentary? Only that AOL needed a massive influx of traffic, and that even in the crowded online entertainment space the subsidiary of Time Warner should be able to put up enough interesting new tidbits to draw in the ever-celeb-hungry masses., which stands for the “Thirty Mile Zone” around Hollywood (apparently in people know these sorts of things), claims to be a “new, first-of-its-kind 24/7 on-demand entertainment news network.” The interesting word choices here are “on-demand” and “network.” does lives up to these claims, if falling a bit short on others. Website Design Review

AOL’s New Entertainment Site, Has Everything Going For It. In Addition to Having a Great Background, the Excellent Website Design Scores for Make it Easy to Predict a Shining Future

On December 8, 2005, AOL’s expected press release announcing the launch of the new entertainment site,, hit the buzz-makers. The commentary? Only that AOL needed a massive influx of traffic, and that even in the crowded online entertainment space the subsidiary of Time Warner should be able to put up enough interesting new tidbits to draw in the ever-celeb-hungry masses.

Four Tips for Using Fresh Content and Urgency to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

Few things destroy the credibility of a landing page sales letter more quickly and effectively than content that’s out of date.

How can you expect the prospect to take your message seriously if you’re not even interested enough in the content to keep it current?

It’s also important to remember that some of your potential customers may only visit your landing page once. If they don’t buy immediately, they may never return.

How to Get on TV to Increase Targeted Website Traffic

Discover how one savvy Internet marketing professional increased her targeted website traffic beyond her wildest dreams and generated 252,978 new email newsletter subscribers worth more than $3 million. Learn the simple steps she took to get on TV and drive targeted website traffic to her niche media website.

America’s Test Kitchen Media Network Case Study

Boston Common Press, the Publishing Company that Produces PBS TV Show America’s Test Kitchen, Uses the Show’s Viewership to Drive Traffic to its Free Website, Building a Large Database in Which They Market Their Various Print and Online Products

America’s Test Kitchen is a weekly television show on local PBS stations, but it is more than just a cooking show. The TV program and its companion website,, serve as the hub of a well-designed network for Boston Common Press, which produces the show. The program directs the show’s 2.9 million viewers to, where, by requiring registration, the company builds an enormous permission-driven database in to which they market their various products. This strategy makes America’s Test Kitchen one of the most successful practitioners of the Mequoda Network that we have found. Website Design Review is an Excellent Example of a Publisher Taking Advantage of the Synergies Between Audience Information Needs and Technology’s Ability to Facilitate the Satisfaction of Those Needs, an online edition of Investor’s Business Daily, is the sort of site that the core audience loves with a fierce loyalty. With a focus on the signature stock analysis methodology, deep data diving and just the need-to-know news, the website doesn’t have a lot of splashy design and is exceptionally un-exciting for non-investors. is a deep site that succeeds well in providing a plethora of ways for getting and displaying data crucial for the avid trader. Investment junkies love it; IBD knows how to speak to their core audience.

Consumer Reports Membership Website Case Study

With 1.6 million paid subscribers, has more paid subscribers than any other publication-based website.

That may not be a huge surprise considering their print magazine has a paid circulation of 4.1 million and growing. Yet we can’t help but wonder, while so many other magazine publishers are still so confused about their Internet publishing model, how has Consumer Reports been so clear from the very beginning?

Website Design Guideline #11: Providing Urgency and Content Freshness

Usability and design are two key factors in publishing great websites. You may have a clear strategy and great content, but if your site is unusable and unattractive, it will be difficult for users to find what they’re looking for, difficult for you to get users to do what you want them to do and difficult to get users to become loyal customers and revisit again and again.

PR & Earned Media 101: Maximize Website Conversions and Start Relationships Internet Marketing System Review

As we’ve mentioned before, a press release, tv spot, or any other type of public relations outreach should always include promoting a free product. Whatever the item a publisher decides to give away, it should be linked to a dedicated landing page with a strong conversion architecture that requires the visitor to give up an email address to download the free item. The dedicated landing page should also invite the visitor to sign up for a free email newsletter—one that promises to be filled with tips, tidbits, and interesting information about a specific topic of interest.

PR & Earned Media 101: Getting Reviewed & Mentioned Internet Marketing System Review

Getting on TV is just one of many ways to leverage other people’s media and drive website traffic—people who will log onto your website, register to download the free item, and, you hope, sign up for your free email newsletter. From simple search-optimized press releases to radio talk shows and local newspapers, PR is an effective Internet marketing tactic that works best when the release includes a crystal-clear reason why readers and viewers need to visit your website.

PR & Earned Media 101: Isolate a newsworthy idea and tie it to a free downloadable item Internet Marketing System Review

To draw traffic to your Mequoda Internet Hub—the place where people can sign up for your free, relationship-building, email newsletter—you need a catalyst, a free item that lines up with a topic that’s endemic to the audience in terms of their interest and on which the publisher or author is a source of authority. To even consider mentioning your free item, the other journalist—the one whom you hope will pick up your news item—must be convinced that the producer or author of the giveaway is a credible provider of information.

Making PR & Earned Media Work For You – 3 easy steps

Three essential for a Mequoda Internet Marketing System

The Mequoda guideline for using public relations to drive website traffic comprises three basic elements that are simple to understand and easy to accomplish.

Implementing and Iterating an Internet Marketing System

How to leverage valuable content to create customer loyalty and build repeat sales. A step-by-step guide to the Mequoda Internet Marketing System.

Using Your Page Footer to Increase Magazine Circulation

Learn how one special-interest consumer publisher increased his magazine circulation with a simple change to the page footer on every page of his print magazine. Website Design Review

Website Design Critique of Reveals Functional Design Lacking Personality and Appeals to Loyalty Beyond the Dollar.

Is Your Internet Marketing System What It Should Be?

While some Internet marketers use a single source to acquire new customers, others use an intricate Internet Marketing System of up to 13 programs to increase website traffic. What’s driving your Internet Marketing System? Website Design Review

Readability, Aesthetics and Labeling Help’s Users Feel Right at Home, but Navigation and Affordance in’s Website Design are Confusing to Users, and Could be Losing Potential Sales

Web Usability for Senior Citizens Landing Page Review

Reviewing a website published by Jakob Nielsen is a little like giving driving lessons to your father. It feels as though the roles ought to be reversed. Nielsen has a Ph.D. and holds 78 U.S. patents, most of them on ways for making the Internet easier to use. I, ahem, do not.The New York Times calls Nielsen “the guru of webpage usability.” U.S. News & World Report calls him the world’s leading expert on web usability.” A popular German publication calls him “the world’s leading expert on user-friendly design.”

The Daily Reckoning Website Design Review

The Daily Reckoning Website, a Network Hub for its Financial Newsletters and Services, Demonstrates Effective Website Design and Site Architecture that Supports User Tasks and Goals

How Fred Gleeck Uses Mass Market Books to Build His Email Subscriber Database and Sells Millions in Information Products

Discover how information-marketing guru Fred Gleeck uses a steady stream of mass-market soft cover books to drive subscriptions to his email newsletter database and the online media network for his vast array of information products and services.

Tax Loopholes of the Rich Landing Page Review

Mequoda guidelines outline the 12 characteristics a landing page needs to successfully close sales online. And to incorporate all 12 characteristics typically, at least for a consumer product, requires medium-to-long copy on that landing page. But should you send your traffic directly to that long-copy landing page? Or will visitors be put off by its length?

Career Coach Website Design Review

Devoting Too Much Homepage Real Estate to Website Navigation and Graphic Images Demonstrates a Compromise in the Selling Power of Text—a Major Mistake for a Lead Generation Site like Website Design Review, while a very viable and intriguing online content model, makes some critical areas in their website design practices, lagging behind their peers in the areas of community building, affordance and labeling.

IMR and SWEPA Merge to Create the New Mequoda Library, The Interactive Resource for Building Better Websites

Two of the publishing industry’s leading membership websites, Internet Media Review and SWEPA (Subscription Website Publishers Association), have merged to create the Mequoda Library, the interactive resource for building better websites. The Mequoda Library ( went live on June 3, 2005. (Jump to FAQs) Website Design Review

Since we’re now coming out of a long, snowbound New England winter with a few more pounds on the frame than we had in September, we thought we might take a look at the weight loss websites and see if there’s a site that exemplifies a Mequoda Website Network. There are several popular diet sites:,,, and In terms of popularity, and controversy, Atkins leads the pack of the low-carbohydrate movement. Website Design Review claims to be the largest online auto insurance agency in the United States. In a May of 2004 press release, it announced results of a survey showing that its customers have saved $600 or more a year on auto insurance. Through its marketing partnerships with AOL, MSN, Yahoo, eBay and Google, said it has sold more than 100,000 auto insurance policies, resulting in millions of dollars saved by consumers.

A car restoration enthusiast starts a pay-for-access website after spending two years in Ulaan Baatar, Outer Mongolia

In this exclusive Mequoda interview, Satch Reed explains his popular subscription website that’s dedicated to antique car restoration. It’s also dedicated to making money for its publishers.

Three Things Harvard Can Teach You For Free

A Harvard Business School (HBS) education doesn’t come cheap. But if you are willing to do a bit of detective work, and forgo the actual “sheepskin” of a diploma, there are a few lessons you can learn from HBS—absolutely free. We spent the past few weeks wandering the pages of to see what the finest business minds of the country could teach us about subscription websites. We had testers subscribe to the Harvard Business Review, peruse the general and educator sections of the site, and browse the extensive catalog of books and online courses and this was what we found. While many of Harvard Business School Publishers’ online subscription marketing practices were on par with other successful sites we’ve reviewed, there were three particular areas where HBSP successfully maneuvered challenges often mishandled in other subscription sites. We thought these lessons were important to bring to your attention. Website Design Review is a great example of a successful Mequoda Membership Website Publishing Model™. The website, while similar to the print magazine, offers more functionality and added features than their print counterpart. Wine ratings and tasting notes on the website are sortable by score, price and vintage and there is web-exclusive content and commentary. A website user can also create a personal cellar, where they can save the wines reviewed by to a personalized list.

Landing Page Guideline #7: Applying User-Centric Labeling and Language

When Writing Landing Page Copy, it’s Important to List all Benefits and Avoid Using Jargon and Terms Not Commonly Understood by the User

Landing Page Guideline #9: Providing Urgency and Content Freshness

Few Things Destroy the Credibility of a Landing Page More Quickly than Content that’s Out of Date. Remember to Keep Things Fresh and Always Offer an Urgent Reason for Visitors to Buy Now

The Mequoda System: A Seven-Habit Website Management System

Successful website publishing in 2005 means creating happy users and healthy profits. Without both, no website will exist for long. All of the successful website publishers we’ve studied have one thing in common: a consistent management system for achieving success that includes a number of key behaviors that are repeated over and over to become organizational habits.

Landing Page Guideline #1: Writing Effective and Promising Headlines

Far Too Many Landing Pages Fail Almost Immediately by Offering Up Lack-Luster Headlines and Subheads; Learn How To Deliver a Compelling Headline for a Single Product or Service

Interview with Jerry Minchey, an engineer, computer designer, speaker, marketer, search engine optimization expert, and membership website publisher

Mequoda has waited a long time to pin down our good friend Jerry Minchey for an in-depth interview about his online businesses. Jerry has a number of successful Internet enterprises that he wisely chooses not to discuss in a public forum. But fortunately for Mequoda members, he is very candid here about his very popular and successful subscription website,

Interview with Kathy McCabe, whose travel and culture newsletter can help make your dreams of la dolce vita come true

A $79 subscription to Dream of Italy is a small price to pay to make sure your next trip (likely to cost thousands of dollars) is picture perfect. And that’s a strong motivation to subscribe, just as it is with any newsletter that provides expert advice and product or service reviews.

Interview: Sam Knoll of

Sam Knoll knows his way around the business world. He has had a number of successful careers including in manufacturing, mail order, and retail. His latest enterprise is an online newsletter devoted to health and dietary supplements.

Interview: Reg Hardy of

Reg Hardy brings a background as a print journalist, editor and publisher to his paid subscription online newsletter and uses his Palm Pilot to create volumes of content for four websites. In this exclusive Mequoda interview, he reveals how he gets it all done and reminds us of the importance of customer service.