Digital media & the future: Meet digital publishing superstars

A rare opportunity to learn from the best in digital publishing

Many publishers of digital media will spend their entire careers and never meet the stars of their industry, let alone learn their secrets. This is your chance to avoid that fate. Mequoda’s Audience Development Summit 2012 delivers two of these stars, and if you’re there, you’ll learn solutions to all your digital publishing problems. Unlike so many other events you’re invited to every year, Mequoda seminars are deliberately small and intimate — so you can actually speak with, question and get to know our pre-eminent speakers and the peers who attend with you. After all, everyone knows something that others don’t, so take this unheard-of opportunity to meet these digital superstars as well as other publishing professionals just like you!

John Suhler: Founding Partner at Veronis Suhler Stevenson & former President of CBS Publishing Group

When it comes to digital media, John Suhler isn’t just a magazine publishing pioneer; he also offers a rare first-hand perspective from the ground floor of long-term media trends. Digital publishers worldwide seek Suhler’s expertise, and at this Summit, you’ll discover what the digital age holds for publishing — from social media marketing to content marketing to overall digital strategy.

Mr. Suhler will share his insights on the future of digital media and digital publishing at this eye-opening event. You simply can’t afford to miss this session, where you and your content marketing colleagues can ask questions, explore new ideas and develop your own digital strategy to take home and implement immediately.

Audience development from the master

Which digital content is worth targeting? Are you only trying to build an audience, or a digital media community too? Are you a marketing manager trying to figure understand how tablets and digital publishing can help you? When you attend Mr. Suhler’s keynote address — which, though just a part of the 2012 Audience Development Summit, would normally cost thousands of dollars all by itself — you’ll gain insider solutions to these questions and many more from an owner of multiple media companies in a $2 billion media portfolio.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a digital media crystal ball? You’d know when to release new products, which social media marketing sites will be the next hot traffic source, which digital content platforms will be in most demand. The next best thing to that elusive crystal ball is John Suhler, who has participated in the management presentations and due diligence reviews of many of VSS’s portfolio company acquisitions and significant add-ons, and served on the board of directors of many of the VSS portfolio companies. No one is as plugged in to publishing and digital strategy, and by signing up for the Audience Development Summit 2012, you get instant access to his strategic insights.

Andrew Palmer, VP of Marketing at Cabot Heritage Corporation

Andrew Palmer was a content marketing superstar long before most publishers became familiar with the concept. As a digital media industry leader, he’s been using free content for audience development since the late 1990s. Want to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site? How would you like to get the secrets to building a digital content empire, as Mr. Palmer has done over and over again, for the past 14 years? If you attend the Audience Development Summit 2012, you’ll profit from this pioneer’s insights on the future of content marketing.

Content as the core of your digital strategy

Monetization of digital content is the basis of your entire organization, and digital content marketing systems are replacing other marketing strategies at a pace never before seen. In a mere 15+ years, since the dawn of the digital age, we’ve experienced a genuine paradigm shift in content marketing. But many a digital publishing company isn’t even scratching the surface.

Did you know that publishers and content marketers literally give away their stores with the confidence that eventually, a number of these users will convert to paying customers for premium content and experiences? Mr. Palmer’s content marketing strategies and online business-building techniques are industry best practices — you must find out how he does it at the Audience Development Summit 2012!

Whatever the product, profits are waiting

Whether you’re an entrepreneur about to launch a new digital publishing property, a marketing manager with an existing brand, or a niche publisher interested in social media marketing, Andrew Palmer’s insights will help you turn a special-interest magazine, newsletter, book, website, blog, forum, TV show, podcast or newspaper column into a multi-million dollar digital media empire. Mr. Palmer is best known for founding the position of Publisher/Director of Web Marketing for Agora Publishing. He was also retained in 2000 to create an Internet business for The Daily Reckoning, and its success has been described by one industry leader as “the most effective online direct marketing program of any publisher on the planet.” Attending his keynote address will be like hiring him yourself at a fraction of the cost!

Top content marketing strategies abound at the Audience Development Summit

Do you understand your users’ needs? Are you a trusted source of information? How many platforms do you utilize? These strategies for content marketing success and many, many more will become yours to take home after the Audience Development Summit, courtesy of Andrew Palmer. After all, his most recent digital publishing venture, Cabot Wealth Advisory, delivers top-notch investment advice to 250,000 readers worldwide. And Mr. Palmer is also an in-demand speaker on all areas of SEM, social media marketing and online name acquisition & conversion.

Of course, all this is just a fraction of the digital content expertise that will be delivered in New York City, Oct. 23-25. Can you afford to miss it? Can you honestly say … can you tell your publisher or partners … that you don’t need to attend this event? Please understand, these speakers will probably never be part of the same event ever again. Even if you’ve attended a Mequoda Summit in the past, you’ve never attended this one. So sign up today — right now  while seats are still available.


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