Announcing the New Mequoda Summit Agenda

We’ve made changes to better connect attendees with speakers and thought leaders

With our Mequoda Summit East 2011 only a few weeks away, we made a big change.

This changed involved making our sessions more accessible by all in attendance.

To do so, we looked at the original agenda and decided that some incredibly valuable sessions were taking place against one another.

Since we want all attendees to get the most out of the Mequoda Summit East 2011, we changed the agenda a bit to make it easier to attend more of the sessions important to your online business’ success.

Don’t worry; we haven’t eliminated any of your favorite sessions. Instead, we combined a few that had similar content to create new sessions. These new sessions include:

Revenue Optimization for Online Business – Discover best practices for email and landing page optimization with Bob Kaslik, VP Consumer Marketing at Interweave and consultant David Ball.

Audience Development and Editorial Roundtable – Contribute to this revolutionary discussion on successful tactics for audience development and editorial success. Don Nicholas, CEO, Mequoda Group will lead this interactive roundtable with Bob Kaslik, VP Consumer Marketing at Interweave and Bryan Welch, Publisher and Editorial Director at Ogden Publications.

SEO for Audience Development – Experience information on using search engine optimized content to increase visibility, email conversions and revenue. In this session you will discover the process of SEO campaign management, along with 28 valuable blog formats. This SEO-packed session will be taught by Kim Mateus, Chief Content Officer, Mequoda Group and Christopher Sturk, Managing Editor, Mequoda Group.

Don’t hesitate any longer! Register now for the Mequoda Summit East 2011 so you can gain a wealth of knowledge that will help you better serve your online content-based business. Regardless of your position, you will discover information relevant to your job, and make your role in the digital landscape even more beneficial.

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