Hearst Shares a Glimpse Into 2014

The advertising community in New York City saw a preview of Hearst Magazine endeavors for 2014.

This article from MinOnline shares highlights from the Hearst announcement, including this piece of news from Esquire:

“Esquire will salute the Power of Fatherhood in a series of multimedia projects from June through October. The latter month is when editor-in-chief (since June 1997) David Granger and publishing director (since July 2011) Jack Essig will be competing with this year’s 171 advertising-page 80th-anniversary issue.”

Check out a dozen additional highlights from Hearst’s “Upfront” presentation here.

Rodale Hires New President

Scott Schulman, formally of Dow Jones & Co., was named as Rodale’s new president on October 15. He will start at Rodale on October 26 and begin his duties while Rodale is in the midst of a very successful year. Steve Cohn reports, “Now, the company is “in the midst of one of its most successful years” since its founding in 1940. Magazines are the most visible, with advertising pages and revenues +13% and +23% versus 2012 through November, but there were “notable increases” in the books, international, events and digital divisions.”

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Reporters Try Their Hand at Selling Subscriptions

Journalists have taken on new roles at the digital world has evolved. Now, at The New Republic, reporters are engaged in trying to sell subscriptions to outside – including friends and family – as an in-office competition.

Do you think reporters should be selling subscriptions or is that a task for a difference department?

As Jeff Bercovici states, “Journalists are in the business of asking uncomfortable questions, but asking people to get out their wallets is a special breed of awkward. You could even argue that it pokes a hole in the traditional wall that’s supposed to separate editorial processes from business operations.”

I suppose when it comes to business growth all employees are eligible to help support a company they’re passionate about. It’ll be interesting to see if this process catches on and is utilized more than just an internal experiment.

Where Your Focus Should Be: Search or Social

It’s a question that comes up frequently: Should I optimize my content for search or for social?

If you consider the content shared on Search Engine Watch, you should probably be focusing on both.

Search Engine Watch recently shared an article featuring an interview with Google’s Matt Cutts.

In the article Cutts discusses the need to diversify. He states, “If your ranking on Google is not as good, then you can have other channels that you can use – from print media advertising, to billboards, to Twitter, to Facebook. So you should always have a very well-rounded portfolio of ways to get leads whether from people walking through your door or Yellow Pages or whatever it is, because you can’t count on any one channel always working out perfectly.”

Country Living Gets a New Editor-in-Chief

Rachel Hardage Barrett, formerly the executive editor of Southern Living, has been named the editor-in-chief of Country Living.

Steve Cohn writes, “Barrett’s pre-SL career was in New York at Glamour and Real Simple, where she rose from staff editor to deputy editor over seven years.”


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