How is Google like the High School Social Scene?

The more you know about Google website traffic, the more you’ll recognize the importance of this highly effective link-building strategy.

In the competition for Google page rankings, website popularity is paramount.

Sometimes Google reminds me of the high school social scene.

In high school, if you were popular with your peers, you got more dates. That meant your star was on the rise. Initial popularity resulted in even greater popularity.

On the Internet, if your website is popular — as evidenced by having a lot of incoming links — it’s more likely to get a high Google ranking.

At Mequoda, we continually study and analyze the enigmatic Google web ranking algorithm for clues to its mysteries. And there’s one conclusion we’re certain about: Incoming links are very important; links explicitly indicate peer group popularity.

In short, if your professional colleagues respect and value your website pages enough to link to them and recommend them to others, Google will like them, too.

So we’ve developed proven, step-by-step procedures for executing a Mequoda PR & Link-Building Campaign. And we’ve made the details available to members of Mequoda Pro as one of our new Mequoda Pro Online Seminars.

This is the exact process which many of our consulting clients have paid me $450 an hour to learn. But it’s yours in PR & Link-Building, our newest Mequoda Pro Online Seminar for the modest charter membership fee of only $197.

PR & Link-Building, our newest Mequoda Pro Online Seminar, covers finding the right keyword phrases, titling the reports correctly, choosing the best content from previous publications, creating a PR list, creating a link-building list, writing the Rapid Conversion Landing Page, and how to use social networks.

This is a brand new training module, released yesterday, with information never before revealed outside of the Mequoda consulting practice.

I know these strategies work because we have helped execute this process across 26 live Mequoda System websites.

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PR & Link-Building, our newest Mequoda Pro Online Seminar includes:

Link-Building Expert Tip #1: Create a free report.

Discover how to recycle previously used editorial content… how to choose the best content… how to title the report for maximum SEO…

Link-Building Expert Tip #2: Write a Rapid Conversion Landing Page.

Discover the copywriting and persuasion techniques for enticing a user to enter into a low-risk, low-friction transaction…

Link-Building Expert Tip #3: Make website posts.

Discover the power of posting fresh content on your website… the best words to select for the hyperlinks… how to frame the offer…

Link-Building Expert Tip #4: Send an email newsletter.

Discover the essential elements of an informative, well-designed newsletter… what content to use… how often to publish…

Link-Building Expert Tip #5: Issue a press release.

Discover the free and paid press release websites that will post your PR content and link back to your site…

Link-Building Expert Tip #6: Consider a Twitter tweet.

Discover how a shout-out to your core constituency can yield new links…

Link-Building Expert Tip #7: Consider LinkedIn links.

Discover how to use this popular social networking site for maximum effectiveness…

Now you can listen to the Mequoda Pro PR & Link-Building Online Seminar and address any questions you have to us in the Mequoda Pro Seminar Q&A section.

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