Learn How Digital Content Marketers Leverage Organic Media

If you’ve never been trained on best practices for leveraging organic content, than you are likely missing out on website traffic

SEO blogging is unlike anything traditional editors are used to. There is a personal connection expected throughout the world of blogging, and to succeed within it, you need to be a positive source of content and collaboration. This involves supplying the market with high-quality content, building a strong community and shared valuable viewpoints.

In addition, the blog content needs to be optimized with keywords so the content can be found in search engines and through social media. This is a main key to building an audience by leveraging organic media.

To help digital content marketers and online editors master the process of SEO blogging, we have developed the SEO Blogging Master Class. This certification program incorporates 12 lessons and is taught one-on-one as your schedule allows.

The 12 lessons of the SEO Blogging Master Class include:

SEO Blogging Lesson #1. 12 Sources for Blog Content

SEO Blogging Lesson #2. Using the GVR & Google Keyword Tool to Identify Post Topics

SEO Blogging Lesson #3. Writing an Advertorial to Sell a Product

SEO Blogging Lesson #4. Writing Newsworthy and Spread-worthy Posts

SEO Blogging Lesson #5. Writing Traffic Building Posts

SEO Blogging Lesson #6. Writing Reviews that Get Easy Inbound Links & Affiliate Commission


SEO Blogging Lesson #7. Writing Skimmable & Highly Forwarded Posts

SEO Blogging Lesson #8. Best Practices for Link Building (Internally & Externally)

SEO Blogging Lesson #9. Building a Blog Arsenal

SEO Blogging Lesson #10. Becoming a Part of the Blogging Community

SEO Blogging Lesson #11. Creating an Editorial Schedule

SEO Blogging Lesson #12. Blogging Around Your Audience & Building a Passionate Community

For more information on our SEO Blogging Master Class, please contact Kim Mateus via email or by phone at 401-293-0401.


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