Live Coverage: Mequoda Summit Session 1 – Making Money Online

Day one at the Mequoda Summit defines online publishing and delivers the seven strategies for online publishing success

It’s day one at the Mequoda Summit in beautiful Napa Valley. The conference room is full to maximum capacity with an even mix of online publishers ranging from magazine and newsletter publishers to primarily digital publishers.

Today’s sessions started with an overview of how publishers are making money online.

“A Mequoda publisher is nothing more than a profit-minded content-driven Google-friendly website operator.”

Don Nicholas described a “Mequoda Website” as “Google-friendly and revenue minded”. He noted that blogs dominate online publishing because they are designed for search engines. Why Google friendly? “Google is to online publishing what newsstand sales are to magazine publishing”.


Don defines the three parts of online publishing:

Online Publishing: the business of developing, acquiring, copyediting, designing, posting, marketing and distributing content for a public audience using web pages, email, RSS, PDFs, podcasts and other digital formats.

Online Retailing: the sale of goods or merchandise from a website in small or individual lots for direct consumption by the purchaser.

Online Strategy: knowing whether your online business activities will include online publishing, online retailing, or both.

Don also delivered the “Seven Strategies for Online Publishing Success”:

  1. Editorial Strategy: Leverage Multiple Media Platforms
  2. Business Strategy: Choose the Right Business Models
  3. Keyword Strategy: Attract Targeted Website Strategy
  4. Website Strategy: Convert Visitors into Subscribers
  5. Email Strategy: Maximize Reader Engagement
  6. Organizational Strategy: Organize by Platform and Skill
  7. Reporting Strategy: Manage Revenue by Exception
We’ll be updating the blog throughout the day today and tomorrow covering all of the sessions, so look forward to it!Mequoda Summit Coverage


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