Two New Webinars You Can Watch Today – SEO & Digital Event Marketing

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If you’re a member of Mequoda Pro, you already know that you have instant access to all of our webinars on-demand after the live event.

If you’re not a member, maybe you’ve attended a webinar, or maybe you’ve been thinking about buying one of our seminars on CD.

As luck would have it, today we added our two most recent webinar recordings into Mequoda Pro.

Audio Conferences and Webinars: Proven Strategies to Maximize Profitability will teach you the secrets to creating and marketing webinars or audio conference programs that address customer interests and generate healthy profits.

In The Ultimate Guide to SEO Campaign Management 2010 you will learn the latest techniques of SEO campaign management in this SEO video training program or surrender website performance and publishing profits to your competitors.

Both of these seminars are available on CD for $197 each.

However, you can watch both, today if you want, if you subscribe to our growing collection of online training seminars in Mequoda Pro for just $297 for an entire year of access. Learn more about Mequoda Pro.

In our 90-minute Audio Conferences and Webinars seminar, you’ll discover:

  • What you need to start a successful audio conference or webinar program.
  • How to pick the right topics and find the best speakers.
  • The fundamental strategies for ensuring greater customer satisfaction and higher profits from your audio conferences and webinars.
  • How to market your audio conference or webinar to both existing customers and new prospects.
  • How to choose and work with webinar and audio conference services vendors, plus the inside scoop on those “free” teleconference lines.
  • What are the ideal days of the week and times of day for scheduling an audio conference or webinar to maximize participation.
  • How to create an online survey that encourages participation and assures valuable feedback.

Watch this seminar now, along with 14 other on-demand seminars for online publishers in Mequoda Pro.

In our 90-minute Ultimate Guide to SEO Campaign Management 2010, you’ll learn:

  • How to make Google your partner, sending you lots of traffic — the key driver for every online publishing business.
  • The scientific method for researching and choosing the right keyword phrases. It’s not guesswork when you use this strategy.
  • How to use the Keyword Competitive Index (KCI) to determine the relationship of demand to competition. Virtually no one else will teach you how to do an analysis of your competition. Now you can target keyword phrases with precision.
  • How to identify the most popular keyword phrases that web surfers use to find information about your niche topics and rank them in importance.
  • If your SEO keyword strategy is to target only highly popular and competitive terms, your odds of SEO success are minimal. Discover why you might want aim at easier targets that yield higher returns.
  • How to recycle and repackage content into downloadable special reports as part of your marketing program. These keyword-rich “white papers” with enticing titles can produce a steady stream of loyal, new subscribers.
  • How to offer your free special report with a keyword-rich, search-optimized, rapid conversion landing page that Google will index and send lots of traffic, based on as many as 20 keywords.
  • Numerous strategies for motivating your professional colleagues to recommend your free report and link to your offer, resulting in a higher Google page rank.
  • How to monitor and measure your SEO campaign for maximum results.

Watch this seminar now, along with 14 other training sessions for online publishers in Mequoda Pro.


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