What Is Digital Publishing Doing to Stay Up on Tech Advances?

And what is digital publishing not doing to stay up on tech advances? Are you – gasp – in danger of becoming a “dinosaur”?

What is digital publishing?

Well, how much time do you have? If you have 30 minutes, you can schedule a call with our CEO Don Nicholas for a free consultation. If you happen to have hours to spare, you can comb through our archive of free advice. We’ve designed it as a crash course in industry trends, updated daily, and we’re confident it will keep you on the cutting edge of digital magazine publishing news.

If you only have this moment, right now, here’s our answer: Digital publishing is publishing with no boundaries. Provided you have a vision and an open mind, you can redefine your magazine and generate revenue for decades to come. And the best part is, you can keep doing what you’re already doing: Producing quality content. We can help you figure out the rest when it comes to multiplatform strategy: maximizing that content and layering in more tactics as you increase your audience. The technology is there: You just have to use it.

But we won’t get too ahead of ourselves. Let’s start with Publishing Executive’s recent coverage on how publishers are rolling with the punches.

What Is Digital Publishing Doing to Prevent Extinction as Tech Needs Accelerate?

We love dinosaurs, but the industry frowns upon them, unfairly. After all, dinosaurs have a lot of power – it lies in your articles, multimedia, subscriptions, and capacity for events and products. Tech adoption is meant to help you effectively distribute this content, not subsume it.

“The impatience for the transition away from print has created a dynamic where media executives, desperate to shake the dinosaur moniker, have become prime targets for technology vendors pitching marketing automation, database augmentation, and customer relationship management software, to name a few. In the past few years, there has also been an upswing in digital hiring activity, from open-source developers to chief digital officers,” Responsive Partners President Adam Reinebach writes in a recent column for Publishing Executive.


“These are challenging times for media executives, for sure.  The good news is, even self-identified dinosaurs can adapt if they invest the time to understand these tools and platforms. It’s not necessary to comprehend every aspect of how a given technology works, and I would never advise a chief executive to stop trusting the chief digital officer. But particularly with bigger technology bets, it’s imperative to invest the upfront time with key stakeholders to talk through how a platform spawns new revenue and impacts your cost structure in the short and long term. A good technologist or marketer should welcome this level of engagement, and by going through the process, your next platform investment is more likely to achieve real ROI … and help stave off extinction.”

What Is Digital Publishing Doing to Adapt to iOS9?

iOS9 is on its way, and Oomph CEO Keith Ahern provides some key points about successfully adapting to it. With Apple’s phasing out of Newsstand, Apple News is the new game in town. Publishers must keep in mind that publishing as often as possible in as many places as possible will benefit them with the new app, which will work on a feed model. In addition, digital magazine app articles will be searchable on iOS9, which is a huge improvement.

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What is digital publishing doing to stay up on tech advances? For more news on this topic and others, visit PubExec.com.



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