Mequoda Weekly: July 15 – 19th, 2013

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Strategy Ed Coburn Joins Mequoda as CSO & Lead Consultant

by Don Nicholas on July 15, 2013

After three years of single digit revenue growth, I was beginning to wonder if Mequoda Group was a mature company. While we had experienced double-digit growth from our launch in 2004 through 2009, things had certainly settled down. … Continue

Magazines TRVL Magazine App Takes Publishing Industry on an Adventurous Ride

by Mary Van Doren on July 16, 2013

It’s not often that someone defies conventional wisdom so profoundly and still makes a success of it.

But that’s what TRVL magazine has achieved.

TRVL is the first magazine published only in a mobile version, having been founded in 2010 by Dutch partners Jochem Wijnands and Michel Elings (who supposedly compared … Continue


Email Use the Snippet Email Layout to Drive More Traffic

by Amanda MacArthur on July 17, 2013

Different strokes for different folks, and different email layouts for different business models

What is the intention of your email newsletter? You spend a lot of time and effort trying to collect these email addresses, so certainly your email newsletter needs a defined business goal. … Continue

Websites The Economist’s Rich Subscription Website Teaches Us All a Lesson

by Mary Van Doren on July 18, 2013

For a publication with roots deep in the Victorian era, founded by a conservative Scottish hatmaker, The Economist is a surprising innovator in the modern publishing era.

Apparently, despite its stodgy beginnings and reputation as a snobbish, upper-crust British media voice – just look at all the photos of all the elderly white men running the …Continue

Publishing News Already Sold 400,000 Subscriptions to New Print Mag

Even though print magazine launches are down, has stepped up to the plate and decided to come out with one of their own. is a leading recipe website, usually showing up on the front page for just about any recipe you could possibly search on the …Continue

Native Ads Aren’t New, Time to Ditch Yahoo Accounts, Advertisers Get Picky

All this hype about native ads gave us a chuckle in yesterday’s weekly Mequoda editorial meeting. In case everybody’s forgotten, native ads aren’t new, a fad, or even advertising’s hottest thing. Remember advertorials? Magazines have been selling them, and publishing them, for decades! Digiday’s interpretation made me laugh, saying the name switch is like “putting … Continue

Big Reveals in SEO and Promising Changes for Tablet Publishers

Publishers using Adobe DPS for their magazine apps should be thrilled that their most recent update includes the ability for users of the app to “pin” their favorite articles. If you’re using the platform and are a craft or food publisher, especially. Additionally, they’ve added GPS abilities which makes for some pretty creative advertising opportunities. …Continue

Keeping Comments Civil via Social Media

Publications have always battled to tame the comment sections of their websites. Social media has emerged as a solution that provides authenticity and civility to heated online discussions. Poynter just released a detailed report on how media outlets have made the transition to socially gating their comment sections. made such a transition yesterday, says Poynter: … Continue

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