SEO and the Benefits of a Free Report Marketplace

4 reasons why you should have a well optimized free report marketplace

If you aren’t offering free downloadable products yet, here’s what you are missing:

  • An opportunity to start key relationships with the people searching for content on the topics you cover.
  • The chance to get brand ambassadors to spread the word about your information products. In an article from Amanda MacArthur, Mequoda’s Social Media Specialist, it’s recommended that Facebook “Like” buttons are placed on Thank-You pages associated with free downloads and product sales. When we did this at Mequoda, our “Likes” tripled within a month’s time.
  • A large database of users that you can correspond with via email. If a user willingly gave you an email address, they want information from you. This is your chance to keep them updated with your company’s thoughts and products.
  • The chance to increase your conversion rate by 20-30% by utilizing a free download marketplace. This number may go even higher if you make the marketplace social. We enabled comments on our rapid conversion landing pages (RCLP) that make up our free report marketplace and our conversion rate increased by 32%.

There you have it… four great reasons why you should have a free report marketplace. This location can also offer other downloadable products, like audio or video content, apps or digital coupons.

When designing a free report marketplace, SEO is the key to attracting organic website traffic. Even while you sleep, your SEO-rich landing page copy can attract search engines users to your website, and convert them if your content is high enough quality for their needs.

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Landing Page SEO Tips

All free downloads should target a primary keyword and associated secondary keywords.

For instance, our free report Million Dollar Landing Page Templates: The 12 Best Practices Top Landing Pages Are Using to Sell More Products, the title of the report is targeting the primary keyword “landing page templates” with secondary keyword phrases of “top landing page” and “sell more products”.

Here are seven tips to focus on while optimizing your main landing pages for keyword phrases.

Strategic SEO tips for landing pages

#1: Insert a primary keyword phrase and at least one secondary keyword phrase in your page’s headline.

#2: Include a primary keyword phrase and at least one secondary keyword phrase in the subhead.

#3: Incorporate at least five “Get Free Download” buttons, which are also optimized with keyword phrases.

#4: Include anchor links with keyword phrases that direct the reader to relevant parts of the landing page.

#5: Make the call-to-action very blatant on your landing pages so visitors know the primary action desired.

#6: Tell a story and show benefits of the information product throughout your copy while incorporating your keyword phrases into the text.

#7: Maintain a healthy keyword density of at least 2.7% and no higher than 4% for this rapid conversion landing page.

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