41 Steps to Launching or Relaunching your Online Business

Our new step-by-step program goes from concept and theory to hands-on, practical guidance

A few weeks ago, Kim and I sat down to update the Content Marketing Strategy presentation for the June NYC workshop, as we do a couple of times per year.

We began to realize that the seven principles we’ve used to teach the program historically have appeared to be too abstract. As it is, we’ve been teaching this program since 2004, and now, seven years later, the concept isn’t as revolutionary as it was then.

After seven years, the top 15-20 media companies are now using what we taught as a revolutionary theory. Back then it was being utilized by less than 1 percent of media brands.

Since the concept of content marketing isn’t exactly groundbreaking anymore, we found ourselves completely reorganizing the presentation around the 41 steps that are required to start and run a successful online business. This business structure includes a portal, several retail websites and perhaps one or more subscription websites.

The average system within the Mequoda network is a comprehensive online business that varies in reach and size. For instance, VibrantNation.com is a broad-based B2C website. BlackBeltMag.com is a fairly niche B2C publication, while InsideARM.com is a very niche B2B operation.

What you’ll discover at the Content Marketing Strategy Workshop

We’ve taken the content we’ve taught in the past for launching or relaunching an online business, and compiled the structure, steps, details and considerations to come up with a new outline.

These 41 steps are a more explanatory way of teaching the same data. We were focused on concept in the past, as content marketing was confusing to many in the beginning. Today, publishers understand the concept and are now looking for the “how-to” steps on successfully running an online business. They want to understand the pressing aspects of physically launching or relaunching an online business including details about each step of the process, all the alternatives they face, how they are going to make money and solid examples can they learn from.

So if you’re into the cutting edge of online business management, come to New York City and join us as we present a brand new content marketing program in a working step-by-step order. As a precursor, here’s an outline of the 41 steps we will be presenting on June 21st.

41 steps to a successful content marketing strategy

1. Inventory Your Publishing Assets

2. Illustrating Your Brand Family

3. Choosing Your Business Model

4. Defining Your Audience Pyramid

5. Planning Your Global Site Map

6. Establishing a Blog-Centric URL Structure

7. Establishing a Magazine-Centric URL Structure

8. Establishing a Decentralized URL Structure

9. Defining Key Assumptions

10. Sizing Up The Competition

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11. Defining Your Website Taxonomy

12. Matching Sponsors to Topics

13. Building Your Keyword Universe

14. Updating Your Strategy Model

15. Choosing Mentor Sites & Best Practices

16. Choosing 2-Column Design

17. Choosing 3-Column Design

18. Creating a Website Style Guide

19. Choosing Your Content Management System

20. Choosing Internal System Plug-ins

21. Choosing External System Options

22. Establishing Conversion Architecture

23. Creating Conversion Elements

24. Setting an Archive Release Policy

25. Setting an Online Publishing Schedule

26. Choosing an Image Service

27. Building or Configuring Your CMS

28. Maximizing Website Usability

29. Hiring Your Content Marketing Specialist

30. Training Your Staff

31. Closing Launch Sponsors

32. Loading Content

33. Preparing Your Initial SEO Campaign

34. Setting Up Twitter Program

35. Setting Up Facebook Program

36. Launching & Tracking SEO Campaigns

37. Monitoring & Optimizing Your System

38. Finalizing Business Plan

39. Raising Capital

40. Create a Systems Development Budget

41. Create a Systems Development Schedule

For detailed information on each of these 41 steps, join us at the Residence Inn Times Square on June 21st for our Content Marketing Strategy Workshop. Seats are limited, so register now.


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