The 8 Best Free Event Listing Websites for Virtual and In-Person Events

8 event listing websites that can get you listed in Google and extend your reach to the conference-going community

free event listings website

In-person, live events can be a fun and profitable revenue stream for any multiplatform publishing company. When passionate people are committed to a topic, they want to go to the source; the company, the author, the guru, the expert who really knows the content. They want an interactive presentation. They want to be able to ask questions, see facial expressions, and read body language. This is what major publishers are good at doing, getting those big-name keynote speakers and presenters to draw in a crowd. Event listing websites help you get the word out.

The events of 2020 completely threw this revenue platform for a loop, and many publishers lost money in those early months. However, the good news is that virtual events have been successful for just about every publisher we’ve talked to. While there’s this certain glamour of traveling to a new location and networking with new people face to face, you can’t deny virtual events are incredibly accessible. For the publisher, they’re also fantastically affordable.

Some of the largest publishing events of the year have been successfully transformed into virtual events:

Of course, these are significant examples, with thousands in attendance. The niche publishers we work with are seeing positive results as well. Harvard’s Program on Negotiation has gone from in-person, on-campus negotiation seminars to completely virtual—and has sold out all of their events in advance.


Promoting Your In-Person or Virtual Events with Event Listing Websites

Whether you’re using ZoomON24, or another solution for virtual events, you’ll still want to list your conference or seminar online through event listing websites for people to find it. Yes, the majority of attendees will come directly from your email promotions, but the task of adding your event to various event listing websites isn’t too time-consuming and worth the effort to discover new audiences.

B2B Event Listing Websites

If your event is focused on professionals, consider using some of the event listing websites used more by this target audience.


Eventbrite is both a ticketing website and a listing website. They allow you to register users and collect money for your tickets using their system. If the event is free, they don’t charge you a dime. Additionally, they have an app that allows you to check-in people at the door if the event is in person. Once your event is in the system, you’re automatically listed in their directory. Eventbrite is hugely popular in the tech event community, but it spans across every niche from tech to health and investing.


10Times is a worldwide platform for listing events and is incredibly popular in major cities like New York, and features events from companies like O’Reilly to IBM to Princeton. There are several niche magazines hosting events, as well as professional organizations. What’s also nice about this event listing website is that they have a section specifically for online events, allowing people to browse thousands of online event listings. It’s also user-friendly, making it easier for people to find your event. The price is free, but you can pay more for placement.

AllTech Conferences

AllTech Conferences is an excellent resource to list your event for free if you’re in the tech publishing niche. Just scrolling through all the tech events on this site shows the sheer amount that are now virtual. Instead of a visitor deciding if they’re willing to fly to Germany or China to attend a specific event, now they can pick the event they want to attend based on the content presented instead, imagine that! If you’re in NYC, Gary’s Guide is another good one for this niche.


Colloq is a little different than the listing sites above, in a good way. Since it’s not US-based, it might be better for international events, but you can list your event or search for free like the other sites above. Additionally, users can also engage with an event and follow up with it afterward. You can publish your live stream, add media coverage links to your events, upload slides, and create a little portal for your event.

LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn has gone back and forth on the events feature, but it seems like it’s now here to stay. The benefit of listing your event on LinkedIn is that you can also promote it through their ad system, which can give it the visibility you’re looking for.

Facebook Events

Facebook might seem like a non-professional platform for a B2B event, but BBC reports, “6 out of 10 people admit they can’t get through the workday without checking their social media, according to online learning firm Udemy, while two-thirds of us say Facebook is the biggest time-sink.” If you have a Facebook page for your business, it’s worth using their event listing platform.


B2C Event Listing Websites

If you cater to a more consumer audience, the sites below work better for general audiences. is another type of event site, although we didn’t see it as a good professional fit, so we left it out of the review below.

Facebook Events

The use of Facebook’s event platform is so prevalent in B2C marketing, you could pretty much stop here. Any consumer-facing event has a place on Facebook. The promotion of events is easy because you can use their cheap ad platform to do it. Additionally, when users reply that they are or might be attending an event (usually just to remind themselves to think about it later so that it shows up on their events list), all of their friends will get notified that they want to attend the event. It’s a no-brainer for any event, both B2B and especially B2C.


This venue and restaurant review community has an event section for local events that get listed in the community calendar. Members can also say whether they’re attending the event and review the event when it’s ended. As a (free) member of Yelp, you can list events in the closest big city to the event.


Eventful is owned by Entercom and is very popular for music, community, and educational events. To your benefit, this site has an email newsletter that reminds users of upcoming events in their area. Eventful is definitely more of a consumer-based website and would be recommended for charity, free promotional events, or even a booth promotion at large events. They do, however, also have a “conference” section where you can list professional events. So far, it seems underutilized; it offers more free features (photos, social media links, etc.) than many competitors.

One other bit of advice is to look for local enthusiasts in your niche. In Boston, we have BostonTweetup, hosted by Joselin Mane, who curates an ongoing listing of Tweetups in the Boston and New England area. You’re allowed to add events yourself, and he sends event shout-outs and updates to his list of over 19K followers. Try to find people like this in your area when live events are back up and running.

Additionally, Evvnt is a platform that allows you to submit your event to more than a thousand different event listing websites.

You may also find opportunities to list events in your local newspaper websites. Many business and community newspapers accept event listings online.

Which event listing websites do you use and love? Share in the comments below.

Originally written January 2009 and updated yearly.


    this site help me for grow my business successfully transformed into virtual events

    Bonnie M.

    Very, very useful list. Thank you for compiling it and sharing it with us.

    Sandhan M.

    Nice collection of event listing websites. Also the comments contains more listing sites. Thank you all for your contributions. I am open to know the kind of events suitable to promote ?

    Thanks in advance!

    Ivan V.

    There is also with many extra features, including maps and calendars views, free API, run by a non-for-profit company, and offering its data free under the CC-SA-BY license.

    Albert G.

    For those individuals interested in Sports, Health, Nutrition, Blessings & Belief type events another great web site taking off is A simple and free sign up allows you to build folders for your events and re-post with just a date change. Totally editable at any time, comments, replies, photos, and video links from other free memberships are attached to the event along with notes of event only view-able by originators log in. Search events by date range, event type, zip code radius and much more.

    Suraj R.

    We are one of the leading events organizer in india, We are already used above listed site, Is there any other methods to listings events


    Very good list of free event listing websites..

    RAPRI Promotions is a professionally maintained event organization with innovative creativity & perfection in implementation, running towards success.. Please Visit Our website


    Excellent overview and great ideas to promote an event.
    For events in academia I recommend Conference Monkey It gives a better reach if your aim is to target professors, researchers, PhDs. In our case, we were aiming to boost call for paper submissions and the response was quite satisfying. Also quite easy to use.


    Flockstation is a top event posting website in India. And it is easy as a pie. Firstly register to flockstation and create an event or a happening as we call it by simply clicking on the ‘start your business’ from the right top corner of flockstation.


    Excellent overview!

    For events in Northern Europe, I can humbly recommend Billetto:

    We act as a free event listing site that also lets you sell tickets with no out-of-pocket expenses. (We charge a fee when a sale occurs – this can either be absorbed by the organisers or passed on to the ticket buyer, depending on what the organiser wants.)

    vineeth m.

    Very good list of free event listing websites. Some of them are limited to USA.


    Please add EventMaxima to above list, please do visit the site at . This is one of the emerging online listing companies. Also a digital platform for end to end event services.


    Dryfta is the free, organiser-friendly event management platform. Use it to capture event data & measure event ROI, sell tickets (no service fees), create event website & native mobile apps, add schedules & let attendees check-in to sessions, design badges & retrieve leads for exhibitors, segment attendees & create email campaigns, share real-time reports with multiple teams, among other things.


    Highly recommend these guys:

    They also have area-based websites for many parts of Scotland, or you can just use the main site (above) and have your event submitted to all of them. They’ll also actively promote all listed events via Facebook and Twitter. See our mini-review here:


    Alternative Promotions


    Great list – however, evvnt is by far the best site to use to use for promoting your event and to increase traffic.

    We have an account and submit our events in advance and see great results, we get a report for each event so we can track and monitor how our event is growing online. evvnt promotes to listings sites that are specific to our event type and location and they are even connected with Eventbrite so we were able to add ticketing as well. The easiest promotion tool we have come across at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone to do the job! Check them out


    Great List Don. I would like to add another one that is free and is not there in the list, TownScript.

    One of my friends who also happens to be an event organizer told me about

    I tried it once and i really found it great because of the great ease they provide to the event organisers. There are a lot of valuable options for an organizer. Also their quick Customer Support is better then any others in the business. I would surely recommend them.

    Nilpawan G.

    Great to see a detailed article of the event listing sites! i would also like to add, wherein you can list events and sell tickets for general admission for free.

    Chandler J.

    One of the best event websites, imo, is . They do event ticketing so they’re like some of the other names on this list, but the one thing that I like a lot about them and is very different is their organization feature. They allow multiple users to edit the same event, which has been very useful for my festival. I think a lot of people would benefit by adding them to your list. 🙂

    Their event website pages are also a lot more customizable, especially if you know CSS.


    Great article and list, all great sites and I learned about many more from the comments as well! I would add to the list. They have over 1,200 partners in their network so when you list your event on their site, they send it out to a lot of the local newspapers, so no matter where you are in the country, your event will be listed in your targeted area. I think that’s really cool.

    You can also list it for free which is a big plus if you are on a tight budget! Hope that helps!

    Al G.

    This is a new event listing program that was just released Mid May 2015. GT All Sports is a free membership site. It offers many features like free profile searches of its members where you can find almost anything you may be looking for including Promoters/directors.

    The site actually cover over 100 different Groups, Affiliate pages, and then offers a great Event Program. It was actually developed out side of the main platform and the same members password for original entry then creates special files for the user where they can maintain and edit their previously entered events, they can re-post, and edit at any time.

    The submission offers free basic listing searchable by zip code radius, any group, date range, state, and much more. Most all events allow comments, Re-Plies, Photos, and video linking by any viewer. Some features are paid features but the search engine works on all events entered. The program also allows e-mail notifications, if desired, when a comment is submitted. It also allows the person comment to select if they want to be notified if a re-ply is left to one of their comments. All these features are controlled and editable at any time by the person submitting.

    Attend one of the webinars and receive a chance to receive the full featured submission plan good for two full years. $99.50 value allowing unlimited event submissions during that time.

    Anna S.

    Has anyone tried Line-Up? I used to share an office with these guys, really nice and the product’s great too.

    They collect events data for the whole of the UK and it’s published across a network of 270 publications, depending on the location of the event. You can see their network here:

    The events get 1 million views a day across the network.

    You can edit the listing, and it will update in real-time everywhere that it’s been posted.

    And it’s totally free!

    Submit an event here:

    Vlad G.

    It’s great to see such a complete list of event listing websites. Some might be interested in Conferize, which is way more than a simple listing site (disclaimer: I work there, it’s pretty awesome)

    Conferize allows you to create an event website with social features that allow you to sell more tickets, hype up your event, manage & invite your attendees and continue the conversations even after the event is finished (so many organizers forget to activate last year attendees, it’s crazy!)

    Be sure to check it out or reach us for questions. We’re really curious to talk with more event organizers and see what we could do for them. Also, we’d like to start collaborating with more publishers who are organizing events. They seem to have a better grasp on how content can engage the community


    A way to generate web traffic to your event is by posting it on . They have a submit Event page area and if you have a venue or event services you wish to promote you can post a service or venue. It’s a really nice looking advert and you can add video links to your site and to other sites too. Adding details about the event and adding pictures. Once uploaded you have to wait for the administrator to allow it but it’s usually live in a few hours.


    I would check out, all of you need to market, promote and sell tickets to events in one place. Great customer service and features (very user-friendly)! By far my favorite platform thus far.


    Thanks for this post — and the subsequent updates to keep it fresh — it’s good to have a definitive list all in one place.

    Another B2B event website is which welcomes free listings for events in a number of specific industries, including military, aviation, construction, medical and more. The features on the website also allow other users to say that they are attending the event and even request meetings with other listed attendees!

    Darrell K.

    A platform that is not mentioned in the write up is the This network allows organizations to add a plug in to their existing calendar to share content with each other. The plug-in takes about 30 minutes or less to install. Once up and running, you can filter the content to show or hide any listings. It is super easy. Best yet, you only have to load an event once and it is sent everywhere…and you get a larger audience for your events instantly.

    They even have a series of tools that let you pull the events content to automatically make emails, flyers and reverse publish for print partners. From an admin standpoint, it could save you days of work each week.

    The network is based in Greensboro, NC and has been around about 8 years. Overall, one of the best products I’ve seen in awhile.

    Jennifer M.

    Thank you so much for providing such a brilliant resource! I frequently give both live and virtual events and I learned about a handful of places to post that I wasn’t aware of. Great to see all the updates too!


    I thought I would let you know of another listing events site. It’s been designed for events in the UK, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. You can post your event for free.

    If you want to add free tickets or free reservation this is available too.

    Amanda M.

    Hi BuzzInBiz – yes that’s right – these are event listing sites for publishers who host events. 🙂


    I would like to add another awesome event listing website here in the list but the problem is that it is limited to business events.

    Check and reply what do you think about it ?

    Michele B.

    Zvents just closed shop on Oct 31, 2014. I’m looking for a comparable feeder event site (free). Anyone have suggestions?

    Dan D.

    Hi! Great article, though I’m wondering about some of the other comments made – I mean, have you actually read them? Wow…

    I think it’s well worth adding to the list. The clue is in the name, but the quality of the Ads and the listings is better than anything else I’ve seen. So many different categories (they pride themselves on being able to promote ANY event), and then you can add photos, video, social media links, website links, a map to the venue, yada yada yada, and it doesn’t cost a thing.

    Kinda puts everyone (one-man-bands, multinational corporations) all on the same level, and that HAS to be a good thing!

    Laura A.

    I think you forgot to mention Yapsody.(

    Yapsody is fastest growing event ticketing platform. I am one of the event presenters and have been using it from last 6 months its much easier to use. I used to use Eventbrite before and I am glad I found Yapsody, it is much more better than Eventbrite in terms of the features they provide and also they got excellent customer service. he best part from a presenters point of view is they don’t charge ticketing fees to both presenters and our customers.

    Richard G.

    Now this is a post I love to read – 10 Best Free Event Listing Websites – #WeLovePublishers

    I’d like to open up a competition for ALL suggestions of event listing sites which we are not currently aware of wins one of our evvnt 2nd Birthday Mugs….

    Let the games begin.

    Richard Green CEO @


    I’d like to add Picatic to the list. It allows you create an event website and sell tickets online but they’re is no transaction fee. They are a pay what you want model so you pay them what you want for using their service. No risk involved.

    Patty G.

    This site has only been up since June 2013 and getting the word out has been challenging.

    Check out

    Hunting for or posting an event has never been easier. It is completely mapped based and only ONE page.

    You can narrow searches by deselecting event types and by dates. It is global being on Google map, but at this time, most hits are found on Hawaii island, Dallas, and other scattered places.

    There is a free app for iPhones and iPads. Android coming later.


    Really an awesome list of the event listing sites I was looking for because I’m also working on a similar project that is linked with my name and I want you to check that now.


    The list is helpful. is more than event listing portal. It is offering lot of tools and benefits to Organizers and social tools for attendees. A good site worth trying.


    Great post about live event digests – I had heard of all of them but there were a couple I had forgotten about and begun to revisit, you really did a great job of making a comprehensive list of the best possible ways to get publicity for your concerts. Thanks!!!


    For the food and drinks industry, we host free event listings in our calendar of events. It’s mainly B2B stuff, but we cover B2C as well. There is a premium, paid-for option if you want to make your listing stand out, but otherwise it’s absolutely free.


    I would like to introduce my free event listing website, to this discussion. We are completely free and list every event we can find while focusing on the community, family, and cultural events that are usually missed by the bigger sites. We are currently listing events in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego with new cities launching nearly every week. We also offer free registration that allows users to post their events and receive email updates about events that may interest them. We have NO advertising to get in the way of your search! We want to be the best, so please check out our site and post replies here to let me know what you think, to ask questions, or to suggest a change or upgrade to the site. Thanks!


    Eventbrite is really good. I have used it a few time for some clients. If you sell tickets this is one of the best options, especially as you are only charge a small fee if and when sales are made.


    Try using, it’s actually pretty intuitive to use, and it has posting to events that are happening around your city.

    Brad J. is a new upcoming local events listing website and will alsoe get your events listed on google. Check it out as well.


    Great post. We host lots of free life coaching events so getting the heads up on the best places to promote them is extremely useful. FYI Yelp don’t have event features for the UK yet.

    Reply uses a real-time, live feed approach to listing events with simplicity and ease.

    There are many websites available to find events and/or things to do in your area, which is great when you’re planning into next week or month but absolutely useless when you need it…at that very moment. With you just input your zip code and desired search radius to find things to do anytime, anywhere, even things going on right now, at the moment.

    EventTap helps you find fun and interesting things to do in your area, and helps thousands of event promoters increase attendance at their events.

    Amanda M.

    Hi Jack, I can’t find any traffic or demographic data for that site, but I’ll be sure to check back up on it for the next update!

    Joel B.

    Thanks for the very helpful list of event posting sites. Are there any new updates on new sites to be added to this list? As this was written 3 years ago….anyone have any other great sites to add? Thanks.



    Just thought I’d drop you a couple of links from our network that might be useful for your visitors to this post:

    We have a free global event listing guide – I Know Where Its At! – at that you could add to your list (drop me an email if you want some stats!).

    We’ve also got the fastest growing free press release service in the world, Your Story, which can be found at for those also wishing to let the press, bloggers and news consumers know about their latest news.

    All the best,

    Rob Scott
    24 Hour Trading Ltd

    Beatrice J.

    Thanks for this list! I’m planning my first live event for next week’s Global Entrepreneurship Week and really want to maximize the invitations. This comes in right on time, I did an article last week on “Branding Your Live Events”, I may follow up with a link to this so that my subscribers can know where to list their events too! Kudos!


    Pretty good list. Zvents stands out for using algorithms to scrape for event listings from around the web, and to the benefit of event organizers, syndicating their listings to several news outlets. Their base website unfortunately has suffered as a result of their very lucrative, co-branding initiatives. Check out our site,, it’s very SEO intensive, which is a HUGE plus for event organizers, as it helps most event listing bubble up to the top of search engine results.

    Reply offers new way discover events and activities around you


    Wonderful work, and great help to promote events. I like all sites because all are free listing sites.


    Great info. I’m adding to my promotion list. I knew about Eventful, but not the others.


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