Data-Driven Publishing Steers Time Inc. Digital Course

Wondering what’s behind the Time Inc. digital surge? Data-driven publishing, directed by a new chief data officer; plus, new hires, apps, and redesigns …

Big data is a big term, but there’s not a lot behind the concept itself, and no need to complicate it – collect the information that consumers provide and use the information that consumers provide. It’s that simple. Brands can take this mandate in cynical directions, but they can also improve user experience by personalizing products and tailoring content for enthusiast audiences. Data-driven publishing puts digital magazines in a prime position to do just that, and Time Inc. digital is making a push to become the best in the business, especially after hiring Chief Data Officer JT Kostman.

MinOnline recently ran a fascinating interview with Kostman – let’s start there today!

JT Kostman on Data-Driven Publishing at Time Inc. Digital

Kostman is one of the first CDOs in the publishing industry, and the first to hold the position at Time Inc. after being hired in May. How is he doing so far? Let’s hear what he has to say.

“Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp has put data at the heart of everything we do. Every decision we make and every action we take. … Thanks to his experience at AOL and in private equity, Joe has developed a rare capacity to not only appreciate but to fully understand the extraordinary opportunities that can come from optimally leveraging data assets, particularly at a company like Time Inc. When Joe became CEO, he was struck by the fact that, despite the extraordinary data-driven insights we should have access to as a consequence of the brand-first focus Time Inc. had maintained for 93 years, we weren’t taking advantage of the synergies that could be gained by taking an integrated, holistic, multi-dimensional view of our operations or our audiences. Joe created the role of Chief Data Officer as a focal point for integrating all that extraordinary data and creating a means for identifying additional data sources and partnerships,” Kostman told Kelsey Lundstrom.

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“First, we want to know everything about our audiences. Who, what, where, why, when and how they access our content, love our coverage and are loyal to our brands. We want to truly listen to our readers, understand our visitors, appreciate our event attendees and accurately and deeply describe the preferences of all our audience members. We want this information so we can better serve our internal clients in editorial, marketing and consumer services – as well as our advertisers’ clients. … Second, our group is now in the business of leveraging the insights we gain to continually develop new products, services and capabilities that delight our audiences, bring additional value to our customers and collaterally provide additional data to help us know everything about our audiences, creating a virtuous data cycle.”

Mobile App Gets Back in ‘Shape’

Shape’s Love My Shape mobile app has been redesigned with an ecommerce content strategy, MinOnline reports. The Meredith property has partnered with BlueSoHo on the relaunch, which also includes new video capacity, social integration, and geolocation services, according to MinOnline.

T Magazine’s Digital Redesign

The New York Times’ T Magazine has also been redesigned, MinOnline reports, with a focus on a streamlined layout and improved useability.

Hires at InStyle and Men’s Fitness Mag

Patrick Connors has been named the new publisher at InStyle after leaving Men’s Fitness, so who’s taking his place at the latter? David Jackson, formerly of American Media Inc., MinOnline reports.

Is data-driven publishing the answer to audience development challenges? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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