What Exactly IS the Mequoda Method, Anyway?

You hear us talk about the Mequoda Method, and how we’ve developed it by watching the world’s most successful publishers transition from print to the digital world, but there’s so much more to it. Watch the webcast hosted by our team called What is the Mequoda Method? to find out.

Twenty years ago, before the dot-com bust, everybody wanted to be on the internet.

Everybody wanted to have a website, and publishers in particular, were saddled with the idea to build it and they will come.

But that just doesn’t work in the real world, it’s not a workable solution online. So Mequoda developed the Mequoda Method for a successful online publishing venture based on attracting visitors to websites, converting those website visitors into email subscribers, engaging with them in a relationship that was meaningful, and then monetizing that relationship. We put in place the four pillars of the Mequoda Method, ACEM, Attract-Capture-Engage-Monetize and we find that all of our goals can be segmented into those four pillars.

There’s enormous value to a System when everybody in the organization, from the CEO down to the day-to-day operators can look at metrics and answer four simple questions:

  • How well am I attracting visitors to my website?
  • How well am I capturing those visitors and turning them into email subscribers?
  • How well am I engaging those subscribers?
  • And how are we monetizing? Are they spending money with us?

Finally, how well can I improve each one of these numbers?

What the Mequoda Method does, and the principles of ACEM allows a company to do, is take it high-level and keep everybody on the same page about how to improve. Mequoda’s premium content partners use this same methodology and system to transform their businesses into niche media brands that dominate their markets.

Do you want to learn more about practicing ACEM to increase your attraction, capture, engagement and monetization rates?

Watch our webcast hosted by myself and our team, called What is the Mequoda Method?



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