Mobile Publishers: Advertising + Video Trends

eMarketer tracks programmatic progress, ecommerce potential, video consumption, and more for mobile publishers

eMarketer is full of new data for mobile publishers and multiplatform media companies this week, so let’s get right to it. Here are five stories of interest for digital magazines and other brands looking to capitalize on trends:

Mobile Ad Growth: Better Than Expected?

An interview with Gannett Vice President of Revenue and Product Management Steve Ahlberg revealed what he believes are the biggest misconceptions about mobile advertising.

“The biggest misconception is that you can’t do anything interesting in the space, and that’s been a product of the small standardized units. Marketers are now going with larger size canvases that have full site interactions happen within them,” Ahlberg told eMarketer‘s Rimma Kats.

“Additionally, agencies are starting to understand the possibilities within the mobile advertising space, but they’re not quite there yet. … Viewability and accountability metrics are the biggest ones. Was my ad viewable? Did people engage with it? Those are the next-generation metrics that weren’t there on mobile 12 to 18 months ago.”

Does Time Spent on Mobile = Dollars Spent?

Not yet, according to recent research from comScore. Although tablets and smartphones accounted for more than 60% of retail engagement in the fourth quarter of 2014, as compared to 40% for desktop, the latter leapfrogged to 87% of retail revenue.

While this gap will continue to close, cross-device mobile publishers considering ecommerce might want to wait until it does.

How Much Video Do American Adults Consume?

Super stat: Adults in the United States will spend an average of five hours and 31 minutes on video each day, according to eMarketer. Digital devices will see an hour and 16 minutes of that.

While desk- and laptops remain flat, mobile consumption is jumping from 30 minutes to 2014 to 39 in 2015. Still, only 4.4% – $7.75 billion – will be spent on digital video ads.

Programmatic Ad Outlook for Mobile Publishers

While it’s a buyers’ market for the moment, mobile programmatic inventory and spending are growing exponentially. Asia, Europe, and North America are experiencing the fastest rise.

“According to January 2015 research by Advertiser Perceptions, US media sellers allocated nearly 40% of their programmatic ad inventory to mobile. This was higher than the other two channels studied by 6 percentage points or more,” eMarketer reports.

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“However, buyers exhibited different behavior. Among this group, display still ruled, grabbing 41% of programmatic budgets, vs. 28% of inventory. Mobile took three in 10 programmatic dollars – just 1 point above video. … Research released in March 2015 by PulsePoint showed explosive growth in mobile inventory and spending worldwide on one part of programmatic: real-time bidding (RTB) ads.”

Where Is the Fastest-Growing Ad Market in the World?

Argentina boasts the fastest-growing ad market in the world – with Indonesia neck and neck – but mobile publishers should be aware that the country is in the cellar when it comes to its share of digital and mobile ad spending, according to eMarketer.

Do you count yourself among mobile publishers? What matters most to you? Let us know in the comments!

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