Organic Marketing Consulting 101

These 10 organic marketing programs are perhaps the best organic marketing definitions

Organic marketing focuses on the shift from spending money on marketing to spending time on a disciplined strategy, proven to increase traffic and get your message out with paying for it.

Organic marketing consulting is something we do at Mequoda everyday, yet we don’t always call it that. It’s important for all digital publishers and marketers to realize that organic marketing has multiple names, including content marketing and earned media. Although the names are different, the overall concept is the same.

While some will tell you organic marketing is agency work, we believe it’s an internal function for online publishers. The process of organic marketing has created a new role for the online managing editor, which is now part of the marketing department

Today I wanted to list our articles that describe some of the more popular organic marketing programs that have worked well for our clients.

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Organic marketing strategies

We have over 40 suggestions for organic marketing strategies, however most of our clients use five to 10 of them due to the associated labor restraints. With that said, here are 10 options.

  • Newsletters: A sustainable form of content that serves your audience and your interests.
  • Twitter: A micropublishing social network perfect for publishers.
  • Single email articles: The best single email articles engage your audience and properly call them to action.
  • Facebook: Getting “likes” on Facebook can lead to higher rankings in Google.
  • Rapid Conversion Landing Pages: This conversion architecture helps publishers build their email file by starting low-risk relationships with visitors.
  • LinkedIn: Primarily for B2B companies, this social network can help you make new connections and send traffic back to your website.
  • Portals: Creating your own portal allows you to supply the digital community with a lot of high-quality SEO-optimized content.
  • Magazines: As a desirable object of ownership, magazines help create audiences and send users back to your website for more information.
  • Email sales letters: Long-form sales letters are successful in achieving more conversions for both free and paid products.

You can learn how to build a larger audience with organic marketing plans used by other companies, even if they refer to them differently.

Looking for organic marketing consulting?

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